Friday, April 27, 2018

Mandy and Steven's Elopement to Honeysuckle Hills in Pigeon Forge

Occasionally we still get the question, “will you marry an interracial couple?” The love story of Mandy and Steven will hopefully answer with a resounding, “YES.”

You know how some people give you that high energy, happy feeling just being around them?  That’s Mandy and Steven all the way!  They are a couple who undoubtedly will be on their honeymoon for decades. 

The middle of April is one of the best times of year to get married in the Smoky Mountains.  Mandy and Steven did our “Just About Us” wedding elopement package on a weekday just before the antique car show arrived in town.  There were just enough early arriving old cars and trucks for Steven to enjoy, but not the insane traffic a Pigeon Forge Rod Run usually causes by the weekend.
The pink azaleas in the woods were in full bloom, along with dogwoods, Granny’s yellow roses, and the yellow wildflowers in the horse field. 

To give a little “emotional atmosphere,” we popped out a can of “atmosphere in a can” for the waterfall photographs.  It did the trick, showing up as delightful romance with the back-light of the sun.  It makes it look like early morning fog.  Speaking of fog, the Smoky Mountains gets its name from the haze that the leaves "breathe" into the air during the summer.  

Our little waterfall is man-made, but looks just like one you'd find on a hike in the Smoky Mountains.  Many people want to get married at a real waterfall, but when they are faced with the fact it requires at least a one mile hike, sometimes much longer, they opt for one like ours.  Honeysuckle Hills is not open to the public, so another plus is that your wedding won't be crashed by tourists.

Honeysuckle Hills in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee just might be the right place for you to get married, too!