Friday, January 19, 2018

Photography Sessions at Honeysuckle Hills

One of the first questions I'm asked is, "Can I really have photographs made in my wedding dress with your horses?"  

The answer is, Yes!

The second question I get is, "Can we have our photographs made at your venue even if we're not getting married there?"

Again, the answer is yes.

Many couples come to us after getting married at home or another destination venue.  Often times they are on their honeymoon in the Smoky Mountains.  It's a great excuse to wear your wedding dress again, and make more memories with your sweetheart.  As we all know, photographs take us back in time to the days that made our hearts sing the sweetest melodies.  So why not have a honeymoon photography session?

Other couples come to us for anniversary pictures.   You don't have to wear your wedding dress again.  You can bring it, along with a few other memorable trinkets, for use as props.  Or, make this an opportunity to go shopping for another pretty, more casual dress to celebrate your anniversary here.

Bridal photography sessions are my favorite.  There never seems to be enough time on wedding day to do everything you want, including your wedding photographs.  Larger weddings simply have too much going on, and too many demands on your attention.  So why not plan a girls trip to the Smoky Mountains before the wedding?  Have a trial run for your hair and make-up, then let me show you just how beautiful you really are.  Ways to use these images are endless... a special framed portrait for your sweetheart or display at the wedding, special pages in your wedding album... the list goes on and on.  There is no other day in your life you look or feel this special.

The third question is always, "How much does it cost?"

My question to you in return is, "How important is this moment?"

Most couples come to Honeysuckle Hills for the most special events in their lives.  It's a time when they want to look their very best in the images, because they know they will be looking at them often, and for a very long time.  They also come to us for the many unique photographic opportunities at our venue, such as photographs with our horses.

Our photography sessions include the following:

  • Pricing already includes the 9.75% sales tax
  • Use of our dressing areas prior to the session, as early as you need them
  • Professional editing and enhancements at photographer's discretion prior to viewing
  • Additional image editing requests by client provided for $25 per image  
  • On-line viewing and ordering site provided for six months
  • Digital download, password protected, available for six months
  • All full-resolution images on flash drive 
  • Copyright release to print as you wish (high resolution images)
  • 8x8" album with 30 of your favorite images
  • Ability to upgrade to larger or other unique album choices

Honeysuckle Hills Photography Session Fees

One hour, $1299

One and a half hours, $1799

Two hours, $1999

Did you know?
  • Only one photography session or event is scheduled at the Honeysuckle Hills venue daily
  • Our venue and photography studio is private, not open to the general public
  • There are more opportunities for beautiful backdrops and props at Honeysuckle Hills than you will find in generic locations such as the National Park or other public areas used by photographers without their own studio
  • Our horses are trained to run behind you for a more breath-taking image

What if it rains?

Sometimes we make it look like it's raining...

But, if it actually does rain on the day you're scheduled for photography, we can change your session time.  Usually, it does not rain all day long, and since we only schedule one session each day we have more flexibility.  If the session cannot be rescheduled during daylight hours during a rare all-day rain event, we will reschedule for another day.  

Because we have a no-refund policy, if you are afraid you will encounter bad weather it may be better to schedule your session last-minute and risk finding an available date.  

Can I take my own pictures, or bring my own photographer to Honeysuckle Hills instead of using your photographer?

By booking your wedding at Honeysuckle Hills you are welcome to use the photographer of your choice during the reservation hours booked.  During your wedding, outside photographers are allowed to use all areas except behind the fences with our horses and 1950 Ford truck.

No other use of our venue for photography is permitted without booking a photography session with Regina.   We are not open to the public.  


Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Pigeon Forge Wedding Package for Cake Lovers

Girls, there's a way to have a wedding with a reception even if you only have a few guests.

As a matter of fact, inviting less than 30 guests to your wedding is a smart thing to do.  Chances are, the ones who get the invitation are close family and friends.  You know, the ones you actually interact with lovingly on a daily basis.

The Honeysuckle Hills wedding venue in Pigeon Forge has the perfect all-inclusive wedding package for couples with smaller guest counts who still want a reception.

All of our wedding ceremony sites are decorated with a base of whites and greens.  Aunt Sharon will add flowers that closely match your own wedding colors.  Here, she added a few purple flowers along with sunflowers.  The bride brought white petals for us to sprinkle down the aisle.

The wedding experience here is like none other you will find.  It's important to me that you feel wanted and loved here, so my family only accepts one wedding each day.

This means that you and your bridal party have access to our dressing rooms as early as 9am.  So bring those curling irons and bags of make-up... or hire someone to come here to do your hair and make-up for you.

Your guests are welcome to arrive a full hour prior to your wedding ceremony.  This ensures they won't be late, and won't be turned away if they arrive a little earlier than ceremony time.

And if the wedding photographs are important to you, Emily and I will make all your friends jealous when they see your images...

The "Country Sugar" 
Honeysuckle Hills Wedding Package

  • Tour and drop off time for wedding items on a day before your wedding
  • Two hours of wedding activity time for ceremony, reception, and photography
  • Bridal party has access to dressing areas by 9am
  • Wedding guests have access to our venue one hour prior to your ceremony
  • Wedding director to welcome guests, direct the wedding, and play your ceremony music
  • Your choice of ceremony location (we have more than one or two)
  • Back-up plans if it rains (wedding chapel upstairs or covered pavilion outdoors, always ready)
  • Beautiful decorations already in place
  • If you choose our photography, it includes the flash drive of all your wedding images after editing and artwork, copyright release, on-line viewing site for your family, and a highlight slideshow for social media sharing
  • Wedding cake with tea, lemonade, and bottled water (you may exchange tea and lemonade for assorted canned sodas) for up to 30 guests 
  • Add $10 per person for guest counts over 30.  
  • All seating, tables, linens, set-up, serving, and clean-up

Total cost, including the 9.75% sales tax is as follows:

$2999 Wed-Fri with our photography

$1999 Wed-Fri without our photography

$3299 Saturdays with photography

$2299 Saturdays without photography

Center pieces and log slices are also included.  Here is Aunt Sharon's 2018 creation with a base of whites and creams.

Tell us your own wedding colors, and Aunt Sharon will add flowers that closely match your personal theme.

Would you like to explore even more wedding options at Honeysuckle Hills?  We have couples who travel from all over the world to get married here, because they don't want a commercial approach to their wedding.  Share your time with a family who cares instead of standing in line to wait your turn.