Thursday, December 28, 2017

Honeysuckle Hills Quick List Wedding Guide

Thinking about where to get married in Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg?

Already booked your wedding with us at Honeysuckle Hills?

This wedding guide and planner will be your little helper!  

Rather than list all the topics and vendors alphabetically, they'll be in the order typically needed as you plan your wedding.

Where to get married

Click here to view Honeysuckle Hills

A personal Introduction by Regina and Emily

Why Honeysuckle Hills?

  • It's where I grew up, and where I enjoy making our visitors feel loved
  • Privacy
  • It's the most personal wedding experience you'll find anywhere
  • If photography is a high priority, our venue can't be beat (whether you use our photographer or your own)
  • If it's needed for a wedding, we probably have it.  

That's the short list description.  Let's talk to learn more and pick a wedding package that works best for you!  Email Regina

If I can't help you at Honeysuckle Hills, I'll help you find another venue that will make you happy.  Why?  Because your wedding means something to me.

Here's our list of most popular wedding packages:

All our packages can be customized, or ask Regina to build one from scratch.

Where to Stay

Here's my personal list of favorite lodging for Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg

How to Get Your Marriage License

Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg make it easy to get a marriage license.  No waiting period, no fuss.

Where to get a Minister or Wedding Officiant

I have a list of dedicated officiants who want your ceremony to be personal and heart-felt.  I know officiants for Christian, civil, and even same-sex weddings.  All weddings are treated with the love and respect they deserve.  Email Regina with your request and I will provide contact information for the best officiant for your wedding.

And yes, you may use your own minister at Honeysuckle Hills if you wish.  This also saves money on our all-inclusive wedding packages.  (Otherwise you simply don't add it to the venue rental)

Where for Hair and Make-up

Want her to come to you?  Text Madison from Loxx Salon at 865-256-7810

Flowers and Bouquets

Please note their website is pretty generic.  Once you call them, Kelly and her mother Kris will take excellent care of you, and even deliver.

Yes, you can send her pictures you found on Pinterest.

This is also the florist Honeysuckle Hills has used for twelve years as part of your all-inclusive wedding package.

Where to Eat / Get Food Catered

I call him the "better than Paula Dean" Chef!   Please consider his services even if you don't get married at Honeysuckle Hills.

Chef Tony is the caterer included in the Country Charm and Perfect Wedding all-inclusive packages.  He'll also design and bake your wedding cake!

Chef Ray is the man to call if you want a romantic dinner cooked for the two of you in your honeymoon cabin.  He will also cater for several guests, doing all cooking, serving, and cleaning in the privacy of your lodging.

(Honeysuckle Hills does not have a kitchen, so please refer back to Chef Tony for food at our venue.)

This is the absolute BEST fine restaurant for a honeymoon dinner after you elope, or even for several guests after an intimate wedding.  Tables on the river, best salad bar anywhere, and they'll wheel out a cart so you can choose your cut of meat.

Great place for a small crowd to gather after a wedding for your reception.  It's a local favorite!  However, this is not the best choice during high traffic times in Pigeon Forge (during car show weekends, July, or October.) 

Another local favorite, and great for a small crowd after a wedding for the reception.  This restaurant is closer, only about 15 minutes from Honeysuckle Hills.

Where to get a Wedding Cake

This is the bakery we use for our all-inclusive packages called Country Style and Country Sugar.  Buttercream designs, and yes they will do their best to duplicate a picture you send from Pinterest, etc.  

Feel free to give them a call for delivery to a restaurant or cabin, too!

Music and Entertainment

The most fun, reliable, and reputable DJ service in our area.  In the Smoky Mountains, internet is a precious commodity.  Trust me when I say that you DO NOT want to have family members provide your sound.  When traveling, something always goes wrong with equipment, and internet streaming is often sketchy at best.

This DJ is included in all our all-inclusive wedding packages.  It's the little things they provide that count, like Bluetooth speakers without cords, assistants, and a convenient on-line music planner.

Bartenders and Alcohol

Whether you want a party or just a good toast, alcohol is permitted at Honeysuckle Hills by hiring a licensed and insured company like The Pour Guys Bar-Tending Service.

Worried about the winding mountain roads after your guests consume their liquor, moonshine, or beer?  Well, just ask Jerry about "The Valet Guys."  He'll get your guests home safely.

The Wedding Budget

Such a touchy subject, that's why it's last.   

Most of the time, couples do not have a realistic expectation when it comes to the wedding budget.  This is not your fault.  All you need is a little education.

I believe in providing the best wedding service I can for you.  That said, Honeysuckle Hills is not the cheapest venue you're going to find, but it's certainly not the most expensive, either.  You will not regret your investment with us.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with our rates.  (Located at the beginning of this article)

If you're looking to get married cheap, less than a few hundred dollars, your best bet is to hire an officiant to meet you in public or at your cabin.  

Pastor Tommy is one of my favorites.  We use him often at Honeysuckle Hills.

Always keep in mind that the more guests you invite, the more it's going to cost. 

  • A bigger venue space will be needed
  • More reservation time will be needed
  • More food is required
  • Vendors hired will need to stay longer and charge more
  • Even with DIY, you will spend more in the long run than you originally intend

Also keep in mind that the type of experience you want may cost more.  

  • Some venues have more privacy than others
  • Venues with a better atmosphere limit the number of weddings they provide in order to give you more attention.  
  • Some venues have a better reputation and more years of experience with the same staff members (unlike corporate venues with high employee turnover)
  • Some venues have more offerings like bigger spaces, dressing areas, seating, linens, and an experienced coordinator
  • Photographers who have more lighting, posing, and post-production experience cost more.  "Natural Light" has extreme limitations in an uncontrolled wedding situation.  That's why those photographers are cheaper, because they have an excuse if something didn't turn out just right.
  • Some venues spend thousands more in landscaping and flowers
  • Venues like Honeysuckle Hills have horses.  If you've never owned a horse, just go find someone who has and they'll explain it.  

Still Need Help?

No worries!

Text me, Regina, Tuesdays through Saturdays any time 10am til 6pm and I can provide a quick answer.  865-368-5569

Email Me if you have questions that will require more lengthy answers.

Call me at 866-572-7724.  Yes, a good old-fashioned conversation works best sometimes.  

And remember, if Honeysuckle Hills isn't best for you, I'll help you find a wedding venue that is.  

Here's Your Prize!

If you read this article from start to finish, and you book your wedding at Honeysuckle Hills, tell me and I'll give you a $50 discount on your wedding reservation, in addition to any other discounts you may qualify for!