Thursday, October 10, 2013

Meet the Crew...

The second biggest draw (next to our award winning photography) our brides have toward booking their destination wedding at Honeysuckle Hills is the staff.  Every single one of us are dedicated to the part we play in making your wedding as beautiful as it can possibly be.  We all feel so blessed just to be able to do what we love every day that we develop a strong bond with all our brides.   YOU are the reason for the smiles on our faces every single day! 

Regina is the one you'll find behind the camera if you choose to book your wedding with our photography.  The family farm is owned by her mother, (aka the "Queen.")  Regina grew up with a camera in her hand and knows every nook and cranny of the Honeysuckle Hills wedding venue.  She also made sure the entire farm was landscaped specifically for the photography.  No matter what time of day, there's a place to create jaw-dropping wedding photographs.  Photography has been her full-time career for over thirteen years, and she continues to study and compete each year to make sure her brides receive the best.  This year she had her fifth image published in the PPA loan collection, along with another in the General Book collection.  Nothing is "part-time" to her when it comes to your wedding images... it's all or nothing.   

Leslie is Regina's property manager, photography intern, and equine assistant.  They grew up together, rode the school bus together, and are pretty much "peas and carrots" when it comes to pulling all the details together for your wedding.  Regina answers all the email, phone calls, and texts, then pulls it all together for your wedding itinerary.  Leslie takes over from there making sure everything you need is ready and waiting when you get here.  Sand ceremony, guest books, table arrangements, music... these two will make sure it's all the way you want it.

Occasionally Regina and Leslie have a photograph made with their brides...  As I mentioned earlier, we get pretty attached to all of you!

Uncle Bill (yes, he's really our uncle!) makes sure everything works when it's supposed to.  He's also been hired to hang lanterns, put out signs, and park cars for the larger destination weddings.  He's pretty much our most prized asset here... 

Let's not forget gardener Tommy!  Always with a smile on face.... this man manicures our lawn, plants flowers, mulches, and decorates.  Hours upon hours go into making Honeysuckle Hills the little paradise we share with all our brides and grooms.  He even hangs the pretty white lights you see in our reception hall, on the bridge and in the trees...

As you're browsing through the hundreds of destination wedding sites for Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, keep this thought in mind.  We actually WANT to meet you, get to know you, and make your wedding or photography session the best it can possibly be.  You're not a number or a statistic here.  You're a bride with specific desires, even if at first you have no idea where to start.  If it's in our ability to make it happen for you, we WILL.  We deal with different themes, budgets, and wish lists all the time.

This is your official invitation to be part of the Honeysuckle Hills family!  Come on.... we're waiting for you!