Thursday, October 30, 2008

Courtney and Todd will have the best of luck in their marriage because it rained on their wedding day. Doing wedding photography was still no problem. We did many of the images in our picnic pavilion, which was also used as the ceremony location.

Their new puppy, Benjie, had a very important job during the wedding. His role: Ring Bearer! Although I don't think he was too keen on the lack of attention after the wedding ceremony...

What else do we do when it rains? We do wedding photography in the horse stalls. This image is a country wedding novel of two people in love, stealing away for a private kiss.
Angie sure knows how to make everybody cry. Our minister cried, her husband cried, I cried...all because she wrote a love song and sang it during her wedding accompanied by sweet guitar music.

Angie's little boy was all smiles! He thought it was really cute when his mom and his new step-father, Joe, tickled him with kisses!

The neighboring barn is always a favorite of our brides. Our creek meanders right past it, and makes beautiful wedding photographs. Outdoor weddings in Gatlinburg, TN just don't get better than this!
Sharon and Warren came to view Honeysuckle Hills prior to reserving their wedding, and decided to do some engagement photographs while they were here. Sharon loves horses, especially her own back home named "Big John." Sharon just might bring her horse to the wedding, as my sister now has overnight horse stall rentals just across the hill from us.

Smaller weddings are often the best kinds of weddings. Joellyn and Keith invited only their parents to their intimate Pigeon Forge wedding on October the 18th. The autumn leaves are just now beginning to change, making a beautiful backdrop for their outdoor wedding.

I love to lead my couples up our hillsides, and on this cool morning our horses were quite frisky! Oh, what a great wedding photograph this makes!
It seems that Honeysuckle Hills brings out the romantic nature in all our couples! Alyssa and Kevin were extremely easy to photograph, and I could have featured several more
of their wedding photographs on our blog post.

Alyssa and Kevin had an outdoor Smoky Mountain wedding on October 18th. Her wedding bouquet provided by From the Heart Florist was gorgeous as always, and really added some nice color to this wedding photograph.

During their wedding photography session, we created a truly unique image, filled with flirtatious desire! Alyssa laid beneath our rose bushes, and we sprinkled petals all across her wedding veil. Once Kevin and Alyssa were posed, the rest was purely their own expression!
Dawn and Josh celebrated their one year anniversary with a trip back to Honeysuckle Hills! Their family has grown, as you can see by the cute little gal in their family portrait.

Look at these cheeks! This is a baby portrait to love for years to come.

It looks like little Ava is going to be a Daddy's girl. It's also very plain to see how much Dad loves her! This baby portait looks fabulous in sepia, bringing out the true emotion of the day.
Autumn in the Great Smoky Mountains brings families from all over the United States to view the changing leaves. Starla's family visted with us for her family portrait, and I captured this image of the Grandfather as his grandchildren played behind him.

Starla's smallest child had by far the most personality! How can you not love a face like that?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Our farm is starting to take on the look of autumn now. We've added a few pumpkins and hay bales here and there, just in time for Stephanie and Bentley's outdoor wedding.

Stephanie ended her wedding ceremony with a grand finale of monarch butterflies. Their gorgeous orange color only added to the golden autumn leaves.

Stephanie and Bentley shared a quiet, romantic moment near our pond. Don't you just adore the red trim on her veil?

Gambler was only too eager to help us create another wedding photograph with a horse. We did enhance the color of the willow tree here to lend an antique look.
On the road again! I love seeing other farms in our area. Ryan asked me to do his high school senior photographs on his grandfather's home place. Of course, his little sister, Rachel, had to sneak into an image or two...

And you thought brothers and sisters were supposed to claw each other's eyes out, right? I guess this photograph proves otherwise (at least for the moment.)

Ryan has a subtle mischievous look here. I'm sure all his girlfriends will appreciate that!

Blending families together can be a lot of fun at your wedding at Honeysuckle Hills! Becca and Phil have some beautiful children, and I had as much fun photographing them as I did doing their wedding images.

Becca's daughters make nice adornments in this wedding photograph. Our bridge and the plumed grasses make great texture in this painted image.

And let's not forget the romance during their wedding! I love Becca's delicate hand on Phil's cheek. Becca's wedding dress had a nice black pattern that blended well with Phil's suit, further drawing them in together.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sarah and Kenny brought a fun-filled wedding day! They began it with us at Honeysuckle Hills for an outdoor Smoky Mountain wedding alongside our creek and the newly changing autumn leaves. As soon as Sarah was ready I photographed her by window light in her dressing room upstairs. Sarah is a most elegant bride with delicate beauty.

Kenny and his groomsmen wore black top hats with a white band to strut their stuff a bit. Everyone in the wedding party had a great personality, and we were able to capture this for their wedding photographs.
Sarah and Kenny are very devoted to one another. Their hands slip together so naturally, and you can see the look of love on their faces.

After their outdoor wedding with us at Honeysuckle Hills, the bride, groom & wedding party piled into the back of their pick-up truck for the short journey to the Sherwood Forest Event Center ( With over 100 guests and the desire for a formal reception atmosphere, Sherwood Forest was a great choice. Sarah and Kenny were able to have their outdoor wedding complete with gorgeous photographs, and then a reception in a formal hall within walking distance to all their family's cabins. In other words, they had their cake, and ate it, too!