Saturday, September 27, 2008

We have wonderful ministers at Honeysuckle Hills to perform your ceremony, whether it takes place in our wedding chapel or outdoors. Nothing takes the place of a girl's Daddy, however, and Anna can attest to that. Add your Mother to assist in the vows, and that makes one beautiful wedding with plenty of tears.

I enjoyed photographing Anna's family as well. It drizzled rain on us nearly the entire evening, but it never stopped us from creating beautiful wedding and family photographs.

Anna was a stunning bride with gorgeous curly hair. I think I would have photographed her in a drenching down-pour of rain!

You may have noticed some of our wedding photographs taking on a "painterly" look. We now create digitally hand-painted images printed on canvas. This is a great conversation piece, and a beautiful way to decorate your new home together.
Sometimes you meet the nicest people. And if you're very lucky, you'll get to spend even more time with them later! Heather and Josh took a short drive to Pigeon Forge for their engagment photography session, and will be coming back for their vows in May of 2009.

The asters and mums looked great against our red barn. Of course, Heather and Josh didn't look too bad, either!

I particularly enjoyed Heather's flirty attitude and her obvious adoration for Josh. Hating to wish my life away, I sure will be looking forward to their wedding in May!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Elizabeth and Matt stole away to the Smoky Mountains for an outdoor wedding just for the two of them. Make that three, actually, counting Elizabeth's mother who was no doubt watching over them. Elizabeth lost her mother recently, but made sure to include her on her wedding day by bringing a special portrait to sit close by during the ceremony.

Matt won Elizabeth's heart during a card game, so we also made sure to include that aspect of their lives in the wedding photography. Elizabeth was game for all our suggestions, and we had a ball during their photography session.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kala's flower girl stole the show on more than one occasion. Her cute little expressions added so much pizzaz to all the wedding photographs!

Scott loves to ride bulls and get down and dirty on the farm. Don't let that stereotype fool you when it comes to wedding photography! Scott adores his bride, Kala, and it shows.

I think Kala enjoyed looking into Scott's eyes just as much... What a romantic setting for their outdoor wedding photography! The bridge frames their expressions, and our Smoky Mountain stream gently curves around them.

Diane arranged a special surprise for her husband, Ray. During their outdoor wedding ceremony, Reverend Jeff Ownby motioned to a small table with an old family Bible and roses resting on top. Each rose represented a long lost loved one, very dear to Ray's heart. It's so special when you can capture emotion from the groom!

Our pond is alive with flowers again, containing mums, verbena, and autumn pansies. It creates quite a romantic backdrop for wedding photographs this time of year.

Of course, our bridge is still a favorite among brides and grooms alike. The fronds have emerged on our grasses, and they only add to the "snuggly" feeling!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brandi and Ted are among the rising number of couples deciding to elope to the Smoky Mountains for a wedding just for two. The most common reason seems to be the desire to enjoy and remember the wedding day without all the hassle and stress associated with larger weddings.

We certainly had more time to do more creative images, and that of course means the use of our horses! Scout is always eager to please. Fall wildflowers are beginning to pop up in our fields, and they always add to the atmosphere for a country wedding.

Ted and Brandi were very accommodating to my requests. We hiked up the hill to our mountain ridge view, and later I enhanced the grasses and foliage for more of an autumn look. Pretty soon I won't have to do this at all. Mother nature is already making the leaves on our trees blush.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pigeon Forge weddings are not as popular when we have the "rod run" (antique car show.) However, Christa found her way to Honeysuckle Hills through some good back roads and we played all over the farm with her family, some of whom are from as far away as New Mexico.

Families come to Honeysuckle Hills almost as often as our brides and grooms. We spend the same amount of time making creative images for them as we would our wedding couples. We not only photograph the entire family, but we do individual portraits as well.

Wall portraits are a favorite from images taken at our pond. With a little help from Photoshop I can return the koi fish that our resident heron eats.
Lauri's family loves horses, and since they couldn't bring their own we enlisted Scout to pose for them. Lauri did a great job all on her own posing, too! She looks fabulous!

Kristen and Neil brought a lot of "feel good" to the atmosphere at Honeysuckle Hills. Whenever there are children at a wedding, moments of cuteness are certain to be found! Every little girl dreams of her own wedding day, and they all love to play dress-up!

You know a wedding kiss is good when your minister gets this excited! Reverend Ownby spends a lot of time with our brides and grooms before their wedding, and he often gets as attached to them as I do.

Our outdoor wedding gardens are taking on the glow of autumn, and I'm sure it won't be long until the leaves start to change. Kristen and Neil paused for a moment to enjoy a Smoky Mountain wedding embrace behind our willow tree, and it sure looked great on camera.
Occasionally even photographers feel the need for a portrait of themselves. I asked my daughter, Rachel, to assist me in this picture for my husband's birthday. Our new grounds keeper, Tommy, blew my hair with the leaf blower. I added the moon and enhanced the colors for a surreal effect. Happy Birthday, Gary!