Saturday, February 20, 2016

What's new for the 2016 Honeysuckle Hills Wedding Season

In a few short weeks the 2016 Honeysuckle Hills wedding season will be underway!  Aunt Sharon, Uncle Bill and myself have been busy bees, especially during these past few warm winter days.

Here's what's new...

The Parking lot has been DOUBLED in size.  No longer will larger weddings have to ask their guests to park in the horse field.  Everyone should be able to park right next to the barn.

  • We've added gorgeous albums, image boxes, framed portraits, and MORE.  A brochure of all these items will be given to you during your walk through, and you'll also be able to see and touch in our gallery.  For brides who booked weddings that include the disk of images, you may wish to upgrade to one of our lovely albums (which includes the disk of images as a bonus so you can have your cake and eat it, too!)  For newer brides who have booked a wedding with a print credit included, you'll be able to see all the great selections you have to apply that credit toward.  (And of course, if you purchase an album you also get all your digital images along with it, too!)

Aunt Sharon built a curtain rod for the large white wedding arbor at the main ceremony site.  Brides can now choose to have no curtain in the back, a white lace curtain, or a burlap Priscilla curtain.  

The pavilion has been expanded.  AGAIN!  We tried so very hard to get approval to build across our pretty creek, but unfortunately it was not possible.  So, we did the next best thing and added an annex up front.  This photograph was taken just as the sun was setting behind our mountain ridge yesterday.

We still have painting to do, plus hang more of the romantic wedding lights.

Come spring, you'll also notice hanging ferns and a cute little corner flower bed between the old section and the new section.

Here's the part I like best about the new expansion of our pavilion.  It's raised, allowing wedding guests a better view of the ceremony.  Your photographer will also appreciate the extra space to move around for the best wedding ceremony photographs!

Now, let's get enchanted...

The Enchanted Forest Wedding Ceremony location has been moved.  

Guests will now walk across our arched bridge, behind the pond, and along an old cattle trail in the woods to get to the enchanted forest ceremony site.  Once there, they will find two antique wagon wheels, black lanterns hanging in the trees (with real fire,) and an antique cast iron bell.

The split log fence from was constructed from old fence posts previously used on the farm when my Daddy was still alive and cared for cattle.

There are numerous possibilities here for plants and flowers...  You can expect hostas, dogwood trees, impatiens, and other flowers that thrive in a shady environment.

Keep in mind that you see bare branches in these images.  Once the leaves sprout, our guests will love the feel of being in a true "enchanted forest."

This image shows the path guests will take across the bridge and through the woods to get to the enchanted forest wedding site.

Along the walk, you'll find lanterns burning, marking a charming path through the forest.  Again, keep in mind that once foliage is present, the atmosphere is even more romantic.

Log benches provide a cozy spot to the left between the wagon wheel and the wedding arbor for up to 20 guests.  Don't forget to ring the antique cast iron bell after your first kiss as husband and wife!

Did you know you'll also be able to request that we feed the horses in the field just behind the wedding arbor?  For our horse lovers, this will be an added bonus to the wedding.

Some important facts....
  • Remember you'll be able to choose the ceremony location of your choice during your ten minute walk through on the day before your wedding, so don't stress over trying to decide if this spot is right for you until you visit.  All our ceremony areas look different through the seasons, and Aunt Sharon replaces decorations as needed, too.
  • The enchanted forest area is NOT a good choice for guest counts over 20, or for any guest who has difficulty walking.  It is not accessible to wheel chairs, and it is not a paved trail.  We DO have other ceremony locations more suitable for larger guest counts or guests with special needs.  
We hope to fill this area with every enchanted and delightful thing possible to make your wedding unforgettable.  It's truly a unique destination wedding option in the Gatlinburg and Smoky Mountains.

Last, but not least... we have a brand new wedding photography prop!

An upright piano with chandelier hanging above it has been added to the area on our farm previously known as the enchanted forest.  This area takes much longer to walk to, so it was not as popular as a wedding ceremony location.  However, we already know we'll be creating dozens of artistic wedding images and portraits here.  

One thing is for certain... It's never dull or boring at Honeysuckle Hills!  It's an adventure with memories to last even past your own life time.  We are constantly dreaming up new ways to make our brides and their families smile.