Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our Promise...

When I was a senior in high school, having your portrait made by Larry Miller in Sevierville, Tennessee was a mark of prestige.  Not necessarily because he was expensive, but because he knew how to pose and light images so that you looked your absolute best.  There was no mistaking a "Larry Miller" image.  After all, he wasn't inducted into the Tennessee Professional Photographer's Hall of Fame for nothing.  

I missed out on my own "Larry Miller" session back then (instead seething with jealousy over my younger sister's senior portfolio by his studio.)  But... his style and ability was the bench mark of what I deemed the requirements to be called a professional photographer.  Every time one of my friends said, "you should be a photographer," I would look at my work compared to his and say, "no, I just don't have what it takes.  I could never compete with his work."  

Eventually, the opportunity presented itself so that I could learn in a professional photography setting.  I craved the words of the eldest and most experienced photographers I could find.  I pushed myself continuously... Once you make the leap from amateur to professional, your friends' compliments mean absolutely  Less than zero, actually!  One Certified Professional Photography exam down and several agonizing years of Print Salons later, I finally grasped the title of "Master Photographer" through Professional Photographers of America.  Only then did I feel worthy of being in the same room with Larry Miller.  Better?  No... but I humbly felt that I could now call myself a professional photographer, just as he did.

Larry Miller has since retired, and the world of photography has changed by leaps and bounds.  For one, Larry shot film for well over 75% of his career.  Technology has now over-saturated the market with photographers by the ease of obtaining DSLR cameras in today's digital revolution.  Thus, the bench mark of what constitutes a professional photographer has unfortunately declined. 

Our standards, however, have not changed.  That is our promise to you.

We still believe nothing replaces quality.  We still believe in delivering images to our clients that stand out above and beyond what the general public presents at large. 

Our clients are the ones who know and demand this difference.  We are thankful every day for those who still believe in investing in things that last instead of settling for a cheaper substitute that will only leave them with the same regret I still carry over missing my chance of having my own "Larry Miller" portrait on my mother's wall.  

Thank you...  We promise to continue pushing ourselves and learning more ways every single day to preserve your legacy.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Much like a photograph is worth a thousand words, so is a look.
While photographing our weddings, we like to capture as much feeling as possible, and in Ciara and Craig's case, this wasn't difficult at all!  

Craig is an MMA fighter, and Ciara was simply drop-dead gorgeous in our eyes.  If you ask me, I think either one of them could model for the cover of countless romance novels.

Writing love notes on the mirror of our antique wedding chapel mirror is becoming a big hit these days.  Ciara wrote, "I love you forever plus a day," because that was what was in the card Craig gave her when they became engaged.  Priceless wedding memory...
No outdoor Smoky Mountain wedding is complete without all the family, namely beautiful sisters!  Ciara's wedding was on a rare 55 degree February day, so everyone had plenty to smile about.  After all, I dare say the Honeysuckle Hills groundhog did NOT see his shadow this year!  Bring on the spring!