Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Mountain View Weddings in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

Every day a bride asks me about the mountain views at Honeysuckle Hills.  It's no wonder, since getting married in the Smoky Mountains is the best place in the world!  

There are two different types of mountain views in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.  

The further you climb, the better the mountain view.  So, if you're looking for that majestic, non-stop chain of mountains receding into the distance you're going to need to drive way up top in Gatlinburg.  
Honeysuckle Hills is located on one of the mountains you'd be staring down on from up top.  We're actually in a little valley of mountain ridges, so it's as if the mountains are giving you a "hug."  

View from the hill directly across from Honeysuckle Hills.  This area is used frequently for wedding photographs with a mountain view.

While walking through our beautiful property, you'll see these mountain ridges all around you.  Here's one of our mountain ridge views that you'll see while walking both to or from our arched bridge.  

As you can see, mountain views aren't all we have.  Our flower gardens make a setting no one in your wedding will ever forget.  It's not uncommon for guests to spend as much time photographing our scenery as they do you in your wedding dress!

As you're driving up to Honeysuckle Hills, this is one of the beautiful mountain ridge views you'll see as you pull in.  It's also one we love to have in the background for wedding photographs with our horses.  Sugar is trained to come when called, run behind you, and walk with you if you use our award-winning photographer.  This image was taken in early May, when the spring wildflowers are in abundance.

Basically, wherever you walk on property you're going to see a rising hill that makes up the full mountain chain of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Some of the advantages of our smaller ridge views are the fact the roads are better (most mountain chain views require a long drive up steep, winding roads,) and we have a more spacious atmosphere for your guests to enjoy themselves, instead of being right on the side of a cliff.

Honeysuckle Hills is the perfect wedding venue if you're searching for scenery, friendly family staff, and wedding packages for elopements all the way up to all-inclusive wedding packages for up to 100 guests.

Let's not forget the wedding photography... we're still the most sought after for jaw-dropping creativity!  Let us show you just how beautiful you are.  I guarantee you're more gorgeous than any mountain view... come see us!