Saturday, August 25, 2018

Destination Wedding Decorating Ideas

Need some decorating ideas for your wedding? 

Want to know how to have a stress-free, FUN wedding in the Smoky Mountains?

Welcome to Honeysuckle Hills, where our family loves putting together all-inclusive weddings for couples from all over the world.

Yep... there's a live beta fish in that bowl for Mr. and Mrs. Fish

Kara married a man named Joe Fish.  She covered a fishing theme better than any we've seen yet!

While you don't have to bring a single thing to your wedding at Honeysuckle Hills (we are always set up and fully decorated,) we love it when couples bring their own things to make it more personal.

Plus, all you have to do is back up the truck to our doors, unload, and let Tashia and Aunt Sharon put it all out for you.  

Wedding favor gummy worms, complete with fishing pails and fishing rods!

If you don't have the know-how or gifted friends to gather themed decorations for you, simply hire Tashia and Aunt Sharon to do it.  They'll bust the doors of Hobby Lobby wide open when you assign your theme and budget.

This wedding is still worth a look for ideas even if you aren't marrying a guy with the last name fish.  We've seen similar decor for couples who love fishing together on the lake or river.  

This is a great example of our "Country Charm" wedding package. With amazing all-inclusive vendors like From the Heart Florist, the famous Chef Tony Catering, and KnoxVegas DJ's, it doesn't get any better!

Keep your guests laughing non-stop with this fun guessing game by KnoxVegas DJ's!

Jack Russell with KnoxVegas DJ's knocked it out of the park with a little game they play with the wedding party. Watch Kara's wedding video to hear the funny question, answer, and hilarious commentary!  You might want to add this to your own wedding here if you have a larger guest count with plenty of activity time. 

AND... also listen to Kara's story about how Joe designed their wedding ring. It will touch your heart and you wont' be able to stop talking about it for days.

Our very own Regina (aka "The Squirrel Girl,) provided the wedding photography.  

The creek runs through the entire property at Honeysuckle Hills

Our horses, Sugar and Ben, are always happy to pose for the camera!

A prayer and hand-holding just before the ceremony is a touching way to start the wedding

Let the family at Honeysuckle Hills start planning your wedding today!

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