Wednesday, June 05, 2013

"Just a Swingin"

Each year at Honeysuckle Hills, we try to add to our outdoor wedding venue to keep things fresh.  One of our favorite additions for this year is the swing in the sycamore tree.

If you think about country, a swing hanging from your favorite shade tree is certainly one of the first things to come to mind!  It's an all-American symbol of a free spirit.  It's a romantic gesture as a means for an excuse to get closer or interact with someone you care about.  It's a childhood memory with a smile attached!  

We've found that our high school seniors also love having their photograph made in the swing...  It's simply one of those props that will never go out of style. Our staff Master Photographer even enjoys watching other photographers use it...  This year we've opened up our venue to any photographer who wishes to pay the venue rental fee and establish themselves as a vendor with their business license and appropriate insurance.  Farm scenes are becoming more rare as days go by...  We are happy to share this beautiful environment we are so blessed with.  Our Master Photographer is also well pleased to provide you with a Honeysuckle Hills photography session herself...  Families and brides are still drawn from all across the U. S. for our style of wedding and family photography.  

The tree swing isn't the only new additional to the Honeysuckle Hills Barn wedding venue...  We also have a full-size swing complete with a heart and two doves!  Seated beneath our willow tree in the back gardens near the creek, it has been a close second favorite to the sycamore swing.