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Destination Wedding Planner A to Z

Destination Weddings A to Z
Honeysuckle Hills Wedding Planner

While we prefer to speak with our couples personally, we realize the world is a busy place.  The internet is usually where wedding research begins.

This is the most comprehensive wedding planner we have ever written. 

If you’ve never planned a wedding, don’t have the time to plan, or want to know more about the Honeysuckle Hills venue, this is the perfect starting place. 

This wedding planner is alphabetized so that you can find the information you need quickly.  We are still available to help you in person, so email, text or phone Regina at 865-368-5569.


These are wedding packages that include everything you need for your wedding with guests and reception.  They provide your wedding director, food, flowers, minister, music, and wedding cake.  While we do allow items to be added or removed from our packages, most of the time it’s better to simply build your own from scratch if you find yourself removing more than one included item.
Two of our most popular all-inclusive packages are at these links:

If you’re a couples only elopement wedding, go here:

If you’re somewhere between 15 and 50 guests and want all-inclusive with a low-key reception, go here:

If you’re 50 to 75 guests and want all-inclusive with reception, DJ, and a full celebration, go here:

If you have a guest list of 100 and want all-inclusive with reception, DJ, and a full celebration, go here:


Our professional wedding photographer still believes in providing a high-quality wedding album with her work, along with the flash drive of all the images.  You do not have to add our photographer to your wedding package, and are most welcome to use your own.  The only place your photographer cannot go is behind the fences with our horses. 

Our photographer does provide pricing with and without the wedding album.  90% of our couples choose to keep the album because of its quality and the fact they do not have the burden of designing it themselves. .


We can’t sell it or serve it to you, but you’re most welcome to bring your own.  We do require a licensed bartender to serve it.  You are most welcome to purchase your own liquor, beer, etc. and simply hire the bartender to handle serving. 

We have recommended for almost ten years now.


Celebrate those many of years of marriage!  Any of our wedding packages or build-your-own pricing applies to a vow renewal or anniversary celebration.  You can do a couple’s only elopement package, an all-inclusive full celebration with guests, or Regina will customize a package for you.  The only difference is the wording our minister (or yours) uses during the ceremony.  No marriage license is required since you are already married.

Appointments to Visit

Please do schedule an appointment for your tour of our venue, and especially your wedding.  We will absolutely do our best to accommodate drop-ins.  However, we cannot assist you if you arrive when another event is taking place.  Because we are sharing our family farm with you, there may also be times we are out running errands and will completely miss you.  This breaks our heart… we want to make you feel welcome and cared for.  Call or text Regina at 865-368-5569 for your appointment.


Honeysuckle Hills, like most wedding venues with a higher reputation for caring for their couples, typically books a year in advance for prime weekend dates (mid-April, May, June and early November.)  We can book as far ahead as a year and a half to two years for the months of September and October for both weekends and weekdays.  December through February are off-season months for us with good discounts.  July and August weekends typically book six months prior.  March falls somewhere in between, depending on the weather.   Cancellations unfortunately do sometimes happen, so don’t hesitate to check on your date even if it’s a last minute situation.  Also consider weekdays since they are more easily available and more economical. 

Bands / Live Music

Tell us which genre of music you prefer, and we will refer you to just the right band for your wedding.  We also welcome bands you already know and want to invite to play during your celebration.  Our pavilion alongside the creek is the perfect place for them to set up and jam.  We do have electricity in our pavilion.

Need a violinist?  We know the very best, with the most affordable rate in our area.  See the topic titled "Violinist" for more information.


It’s the perfect food for a country themed wedding!  This reception food option works perfectly for our brides with smaller guest counts who still want a full meal at their wedding, or who want to keep costs lower than caterers typically charge.  (Caterers have a 50-person minimum.) 

The barbecue meal included in the “Country Style” packages is provided from a well-known local restaurant named Corky’s.  Their sides are home-made, and many of our guests find themselves visiting their restaurant again while in town for the wedding.

The barbecue meal can be added on separately with the “build your own” wedding package options, too.  The cost is $25 per person with a ten-person minimum.  It includes pulled pork, bbq sauce, baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw, tea, lemonade, and bottled water.  We will do all set-up and clean up for you, and provide white plates, napkins, cups, and utensils.


We do require a licensed bartender to serve your alcohol.  You are most welcome to purchase your own liquor, beer, etc. and simply hire the bartender to serve it. 

We have recommended for almost ten years now.

Please note already provide a table and table cloth for your bartender to use, saving you this additional fee on their services.

Book my Wedding

When you’re ready to make your date official, we will gather your names, address, and phone number.  We’ll send a contract by email, and you have three days to make your first 1/3 deposit.  No dates are held without a deposit.  The next two deposits are due sixty days and fourteen days prior to the wedding date.  All payments are non-refundable, but you may reschedule based on availability.  There are no rescheduling fees, and the price you reserved at remains the same for one year.  If you reschedule more than one year later, you simply pay the difference between the old price and the new one. 


We can usually work with any bride's budget, so don't hesitate to share this information with Regina. As long as you're being realistic with your expectations, you'll be pleased with the suggestions we offer.   You have absolutely nothing to lose by asking Regina for some suggestions.


If you want to stay close to our venue, Caney Creek Cabin Rentals has a variety of one, two, and three bedroom cabins within five minutes of us.  Pricing is excellent.  “Starkey’s Cabin” is everyone’s favorite, nestled in one of the few truly secluded mountain areas.

If you’d like to stay in a luxury cabin resort with all your family and friends in the same house, consider and ask for Jamie Banks.  You know Dolly doesn't do anything less than first class, so you're sure to love your cabin here.  It's only about fifteen minutes from Honeysuckle Hills, five minutes from the Salon we recommend, and five minutes from Dollywood and Splash Country.

 Another great cabin rental is,  about fifteen minutes away.  This cabin company has a variety of honeymoon and multiple bedroom cabins to choose from, with both budget and luxury pricing.


Depending on which wedding package you choose, your delicious and artistically created wedding cake is sure to please everyone. 

If you choose one of the “Country Style” packages or add a wedding cake to an hourly reservation, it will be baked by  They have a gallery of cakes to choose from on their website, or you can simply email or text Regina a picture of a cake you’ve found on sites like Pinterest.  Most of the time the bakery can duplicate the design.  If you choose a design with flowers on top, those flowers are considered the cake topper and are included in the price.  If you prefer a cake topper such an initial, statue, etc., simply bring it the day before your wedding and we will place it on the cake for you.

If you choose the “Country Charm” or “Perfect Wedding” package, Chef Tony will design and bake your delicious cake.  Chef Tony considers himself a “cake snob” and we guarantee his confections are delightful.  He will work with you on the cake design as well, and will place your cake topper on for you if you bring it to your rehearsal the day before. 

By purchasing your cake through Honeysuckle Hills or Chef Tony, we will also have a staff member present to cut and serve the cake for you.  White plates, napkins, and silverware is included.  We also have our own knife and server if you do not wish to bring your own.  Additionally, we will box up the top layer for your anniversary.

Want to bring your own cake? It is allowed, but please consider carefully the challenges involved with having a family member bake your cake, and especially travel with it.   We cannot store the cake, so it must be brought in the day of the wedding.  It must arrive decorated because we do not have a kitchen.  You are also responsible for plates, napkins, cutting, serving, and clean up if you bring your own.  We do, however, have a cake table set up and ready to go.

Car Show Weekends

These are dates you should avoid scheduling your wedding in the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg area, unless you and ALL your guests book lodging close to your wedding venue well in advance.  The boys in your wedding circle will be thrilled, because the antique cars in town are pretty awesome.  Everyone else will pretty much be at your throat for making them sit two and three hours in traffic.  These shows happen the third weekend in April and both the second and third weekends in September.


We know the best caterer in the southeast! has several menu options on his website to choose from, and nothing is poured and served from a can.  His delicacies are home-made and we guarantee everything on his menu. 

You may reserve our venue by the hour and contract with Chef Tony on your own if you wish.
If you prefer one of our all-inclusive options, Chef Tony is the caterer we use to provide the meal and wedding cake included in those wedding packages.

Ceremony locations

Choices, choices…  Our wedding venue probably has more ceremony locations to choose from than any other.  Please don’t fret over this decision by using internet alone.  We recommend that you wait until your tour with us the day before the wedding to choose.  Our farm looks different all the time as we travel through the seasons… plus we’re always adding new flower gardens or replacing décor as it ages.

Sometimes your guest count or the weather will dictate where you’ll get married at Honeysuckle Hills.

Here’s a great link to at least start daydreaming about where you’ll get married:


All our benches and chairs are included in your hourly rental or all-inclusive wedding package.  Our reception hall accommodates 100 guests with white chairs.  All ceremony sites have benches set up at all times. 

Our willow tree ceremony area is set up with benches as needed, depending on the guest count. 

Chairs with backs for elderly guests can be added to any ceremony location.

Clean up

We ask that our guests place their garbage in the containers we provide, and to remove all personal items brought in prior to their exit time.  We do not require our guests to remove table cloths, sweep, mop, etc.

Please note that if you bring in your own food and do not hire a professional food vendor, you are responsible for all set-up, serving, and clean-up.  We do not recommend bringing in your own food, but we do allow it. 


You will work with Regina from the moment you reserve your wedding at Honeysuckle Hills.  She will help you with the vendors you need or work with the vendors you already have.  Her staff will direct the wedding ceremony, play your ceremony music on our Bose mp3 player (unless you have a DJ,) and make sure everyone knows what to do and when.   Ceremony songs must be available on I-tunes. 

Having a wedding director is a huge blessing.  If you are trying to decide between a do-it-yourself venue or cabin wedding versus a full service venue like ours, the director is the biggest advantage you can have.  Trust me… this is one of those things you don’t need to learn by experience, because a wedding happens only once.

Regina will also make sure that any items you bring such as wedding favors, guest books, or other loose decorations are set out and ready for your wedding.  (You are not required to bring anything, and we certainly already have many wonderful things, but we are happy to accommodate your extras.)  Please be sure to bring these items the day BEFORE your wedding.  There is not enough time the day of the wedding to get everything out, unless you’ve reserved the entire day with us.

Couples Only Weddings

Please see “Elopements”


Please see “Pricing.”

Cord of three strands

The cord of three strands is a unique ceremony in which the bride and groom braid three cords together.  Please feel free to bring this ceremonial item the day before your wedding, and we will be happy to set it out for you on wedding day.  I have seen the cords hanging from a cross, or affixed to a board.  We have an easel at our venue that we can sit the board on for you.

The cord of three strands symbolizes the joining of the couple by God into a marriage.  Marriages takes three… you, your spouse, and God.  By keeping God at the center of your marriage, His love will continue to bind you together always.

You may let our minister (or yours) know which poem you’d like to have read while braiding the strands.  The most popular recitation is from Ecclesiastes 4:12  “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.  A cord of three strands is not easily broken.”

Don’t know where to get one?  This items is commonly found on Etsy or Amazon.

One of our own sweet brides has a shop called "Rustic Creations" where you can get one, too!

Custom Wedding Packages

Regina is always glad to speak with you about your unique wedding needs!  If none of our all-inclusive wedding packages seem to fit, tell her what is the most important to you, including any budget.  She’ll pull a wedding together you’ll LOVE.

Also see the topic titled “DIY”


The Honeysuckle Hills wedding venue is full-service.  This means that all areas are already decorated tastefully according to the season.  We use colors that will not clash with those you choose for your own.  We also have loose decorations to add in areas like the wedding arbors, reception centerpieces, etc. that may not match yours 100%, but will be very close.  This saves you hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.  If you prefer to hire our decorator to match your tastes specifically, you can.  However, we try to have as much in place as possible to please the majority and save our couples money.  Additionally, our flower gardens, hanging plants, and over-all landscaping pull together a wedding atmosphere no one will forget.

Please DO feel free to bring along your own items if you wish, and we will put them out for you.  As long as we do not have to remove permanently affixed décor already in place, there is no charge for us to put out your own items. 


When you’re ready to make your date official, we will gather your names, address, and phone number.  We’ll send a contract by email, and you have three days to make your first 1/3 deposit.  No dates are held without this deposit, so after three days the date is released on the calendar.  The next two deposits are due sixty days and fourteen days prior to the wedding date.  All payments are non-refundable, but you may reschedule based on availability.  There are no rescheduling fees, and the price you reserved at remains the same for one year.  If you reschedule more than one year later, you simply pay the difference between the old price and the new one. 


Please be sure to schedule your appointment to visit, as we cannot always accommodate drop-ins. Visitors are not allowed when a wedding or other appointment is taking place.

Honeysuckle Hills is located at 934 Mill Creek Road, Pigeon Forge, TN.  We are only eight minutes from traffic light #10 in Pigeon Forge (the last light before traveling the wooded area that separates Pigeon Forge from Gatlinburg.)

·         Turn right at traffic light #10 in Pigeon Forge onto Conner Heights Road.  (the very last light traveling South on 441.)  If you are coming north from Gatlinburg, turn left at light #10 (it will be the very first traffic light in Pigeon Forge.)

·         Go two miles, then turn left, across a bridge, onto Mill Creek Road. (Do NOT turn onto West Mill Creek Road.) One of our blue Honeysuckle Hills signs is located on the bridge you will be turning onto.  You will be at the corner of the Ponderosa Campground.

·         Go 7/10th of a mile and turn left across another little bridge onto Mill Creek Road again.  We are up the hill on the right, just past Hurst Chapel Baptist Church. 


Honeysuckle Hills is happy to provide a 10% discount for our military couples (active or retired.)  This discount is on the venue and photography portions of any wedding package. 
Off season months, December through mid-March, have additional discounts.  Please inquire.

Disk of Images

If you add the Honeysuckle Hills photographer, a flash drive of all your wedding images is included.  You will also have an on-line viewing site with a password to download your full-resolution images.  A copyright release to print on your own will be provided.

DIY or Do-it-yourself

Honeysuckle Hills is more full-service than “bare bones,” but we do have many options that appeal to couples who want a more hands-on wedding approach.  If you’re DIY to save money exclusively, our venue has too many wonderful offerings to allow us to be the cheapest price in town.  But if you have an artistic mindset and want more control, we can certainly help.  (We’re not the most expensive in town, either.)

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a venue that has absolutely nothing, requiring you to provide everything on your own… ask Regina for a referral.  If you’re looking for a venue that is flexible, and will allow you more control to personalize and use your own vendors, we are ready to help.

The best link for pricing and more details is here:


If you love dancing, and especially if you have a larger guest count for your wedding, a DJ can pull together the full wedding experience just like the bow on top of a finely wrapped package. 

For ten years running Scott Goebel and his KnoxVegas DJ crew hasn’t missed a beat!  He is familiar with how to handle any weather situation at Honeysuckle Hills, has a staff that ensures if someone gets sick the show still goes on, and his sound system is above and beyond what our little mp3 player can provide.  Scott also has microphones so that everyone, no matter where they are enjoying themselves on our spacious farm, will hear when it’s time for the cake cutting or other wedding event. 

Want a song mix?  You need a DJ.  Want your song to start at a particular point in time instead of the beginning?  You need a DJ.  Want a slide show or other video played?  The DJ can add on an audio display.  He’s awesome… Get him. (He’s also already included in some of our all-inclusive wedding packages.)

We do allow you to use the DJ of your choice, including family members.  Please be sure they know we do not have reliable wifi service, and we do not own our own sound system or microphones.  If you’re considering a friend with their mp3 player, also consider the fact that many times equipment fails, is broken on the trip, arrives with dead batteries, etc.  Not great things to happen on your wedding day….  An experienced DJ can provide seamless, reliable entertainment for your enjoyment.


Dogs are welcome at the Honeysuckle Hills wedding venue!  Bring your sweet fur-babies.  They are allowed both inside and outside, and certainly welcome to be a part of the ceremony.

Dress and Tux Rental

Jeff and his staff at Fantasy Bridal offer same day wedding dress and tuxedo rentals.  Simply walk in and walk out with your selection.  They keep everything in stock for your special day.

Visit their website at or give them a call at 800-295-5602.

Dressing Rooms

We have two dressing rooms, each with its own bathroom.  We also have a guest bathroom downstairs in the reception area so that you are not interrupted while getting ready.  If you would like to drop off your wedding dress, tux, etc. on the day before your wedding it will be hanging in your dressing room when you arrive on wedding day.

If you book a couples only / elopement wedding package, Regina will gladly assist the bride with her dress. 


By far, weddings for two are our favorite and our specialty.  More emphasis is placed on the most important thing, your love and commitment to each other.  There is also more time for the creative photography we are so well known for.

Instead of meeting a preacher at a public site or inviting them to your cabin, consider a more personal and memorable experience for your elopement.  We will make you feel welcome and guide you every step of the way.  We also have two dressing rooms, shelter from the rain, and several beautiful ceremony locations to choose from that are private.

We have many wedding packages to choose from for our couples who wish to run away to the Pigeon Forge mountains to get married.  Your immediate children are welcome at no additional charge.  (Please understand that the addition of other guests no longer qualifies for couples only, but we are very happy to include them with a different package.)

Fall Leaf Color

The best time to schedule a wedding to see the most leaf color at our elevation is the last two weeks in October, especially the very last.  The leaf color lasts through the first week in November, and then gradually fades.  By Thanksgiving there is little color left, but we still have fall decorations and potted mums.

Please be aware that all wedding venues in the Smoky Mountain area book up to a year and a half in advance for weekends during this time.  Weekdays will fill shortly after, and our venue reaches full capacity six to nine months in advance.


We humbly praise God for the fact our area was unaffected by the 2016 wildfires. 

Please know that when you Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, you will not notice a fire even happened unless you purposely seek out the residential areas that suffered the most damage. (And by the time you get here many will be rebuilt.)  By spring of 2017 the mountains will have even more lush growth than before, so continue to plan your picnics in Cades Cove and Smoky Mountain hikes.  To decide against our area (Honeysuckle Hills or any other wedding venue here,) solely on the fact we had a fire will prevent you from being blessed by our beautiful mountains and take much needed revenue from families who count on tourism to survive.  If Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg were on the top of your wedding destination list, you won’t be disappointed by keeping them there.

Flowers and Gardens

If you enjoy beautiful landscapes, Honeysuckle Hills is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.  You will be pleased at the spacious lay-out of our ceremony areas, flower gardens, and even horse shoe and corn hole games on the lawn.

In early spring (March and April,) you can expect daffodils, dogwoods, and redbuds in bloom.  Our willow tree is the first to show off its new green leaves.

In late spring (May,) everything comes to life.  Hanging pots return in multitude, most of our trees have spring green leaves, there are ferns, pink primrose, roses, wisteria, azalea, honeysuckle, and so many others.  Our horse field is filled with yellow wildflowers, too.

In June our lilies burst into color, along with the lantana and hibiscus.

July and August bursts with bright colors such as sunflowers, black-eyed susans, zinnias and cosmos.

September is the most lush time on our farm with butterfly bushes, pink windflowers, continuing zinnia and cosmos, and our grasses plume with their feathery tops.  We do not use chemical sprays because this adversely affects the butterfly population.  You’ll thank us when you see all the fluttering beauties.

October rushes in potted mums, pumpkins, hay bales and corn stalks.  We actually start our fall decorations in about mid-September.  Once the first frost hits our gardens start their winter nap, but the leaves more than make up for it with their golden and auburn colors.  The peak leaf color occurs the last two weeks of October and starts waning the second week of November.

Late November through mid-March allows you to see all the intricate designs the limbs of trees can make, and the grasses still have their feathery tops.  I’ve had many guests say, “Oh, how gorgeous it is here!” during these months.  I do honestly think our venue is beautiful no matter what time of year it is.


From the Heart Florist in Sevierville has brought smiles to our couples for over ten years.  Family owned just like we are, Kris and her daughter Kelly know just the questions to ask to magically design colors and petals that will delight your heart. 

Our all-inclusive wedding packages include a flower credit with these gals.  We use a credit because some brides like orchids and some like daisies.  Some have two bridesmaids and some have more… it’s completely up to you how you use your flower credit.  Kelly and Kris will also deliver on wedding day.

Even if you book a package that doesn’t include flowers, give them a call at 865-774-5588.   Their website is pretty generic, but your personal experience on the phone or in person at their little white farmhouse on Middle Creek Road will exceed expectations. 

Guest Count

The maximum number of guests Honeysuckle Hills can accommodate is 100 during the months of mid-April through Thanksgiving.  We also have a shelter from rain for up to 100 guests in either our covered outdoor pavilion or the downstairs reception hall (dinner theatre style for the ceremony.)

The maximum number of guests we can serve is 50 during the months of December through March.  Our chapel upstairs seats 50 where it is heated.  We do not host receptions during these winter months.  We do, however, still provide plenty of photography, especially if it snows.

If you invite them, they will come.  We have kept track of RSVP statistics for almost eleven years, and unless gas prices skyrocket you can expect 90% of those you invite to come to your wedding.  This holds true whether they are traveling from 5 miles away or 500 miles away.  Because Pigeon Forge is a highly popular mountain resort town, your guests will schedule a vacation around your wedding.

Hair and Make-up

The closest place to schedule your hair and make-up is, only ten minutes from us.  My favorite stylist is Hannah, but all the girls are excellent.  I love these gals because their make-up style is so natural and pleasing for photographs.

Another great location in the heart of town in the new "Island" is  It's a little further from us in the Margaritaville Hotel, but they have free valet parking.  My favorite stylist is Jennifer, but again their entire staff is wonderful.  You can also schedule couples massages here!

Handicap Accessibility

All areas downstairs in our barn are handicap accessible.  We have a ramp leading into the reception hall, and a spacious handicap restroom.

Our lawns and gardens are primarily flat, spacious, and easy to enjoy with wheelchairs.  The bridge leading over the creek is a bit steep, but easily traversed with assistance going over it.  We’re glad to help.

We have a nice ramp leading into our covered outdoor pavilion.

The willow tree ceremony location is also extremely easy to reach by wheelchair or for those who require a little extra time to walk short distances.  The stone arch is just to the right of the willow tree.
Because we rebuilt an existing, historic 1950 barn, we could not provide ramps to reach the upstairs chapel area. 

One other tiny area on the back side of the farm is not accessible by wheelchairs because it is an old cattle trail that leads to the “enchanted forest” location.  There are so many other places to enjoy on our farm this will not negatively impact your experience, however.

Hours of Operation

We are open Tuesdays through Saturdays from dawn til dusk.  We schedule weddings and tours on Wednesdays through Saturdays.  (Tuesday is set aside for farm chores, editing weddings, and graphic design work.)

Because we are family owned and operated, we answer phones whenever we can.  If we happen to miss you, it simply means we are attending guests for an event or are knee deep in dirt or horse hair.  We promise we’ll call you back as quickly as we can, so please leave a message.

Sundays are exclusively reserved to attend church and spend time with our families.  We do not return phone calls, answer Facebook messages, or answer phone texts on Sundays.   We do return phone calls, etc., at least once on our Monday day off.


Two of our most unique wedding backdrops is our Appaloosa horse named Sugar and her side-kick, Ben, a quarter horse paint.  Both our horses are trained to run behind you, walk with you, and kiss you during your wedding photographs with Regina.  (Our staff photographer is required for images behind the fences with our horses due to liability.)

Should you use your own photographer, we will gladly feed Sugar and Ben at the fence.

Our horses tend to stand at the fence during wedding ceremonies at the stone arch because they love people so very much.  The fence is right next to the seating area at this arch.


Any hotel near traffic light #10 in Pigeon Forge is closest to Honeysuckle Hills.  Traffic light ten is the last traffic light before you start driving through the wooded area that separates Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg (knows as the “spur” to locals.)  We are only three miles from this light.


Regina will help you with your wedding timeline, or itinerary.  It is typically created about a month prior to your wedding when  your thoughts have settled more into permanency, but can be done as soon as you reserve the wedding and modified later if necessary.

We ask our couples to consider Regina’s advice on the time it takes to complete certain events within a wedding, but our bride makes the final decision.  The bride is queen to us… we will give information to make the decisions, and then carry out what our bride wants.


We do not have a kitchen or food prep area.  Please consider a professional food vendor / caterer.  We do have tables set up and ready for these vendors with table cloths already in place.   While we do allow our guests to bring in their own food, it should arrive ready to serve.  You are also responsible for all set-up, clean-up, serving, plates, and utensils.  We strongly urge our guests to be sure they have a reliable, organized set of helpers when bringing in their own food.   It’s a beautiful thing for families accustomed to this practice, but not a good choice for those just trying to save money.


Honeysuckle Hills is located at 934 Mill Creek Road, Pigeon Forge, TN.  We are only eight minutes from traffic light #10 in Pigeon Forge (the last light before traveling the wooded area that separates Pigeon Forge from Gatlinburg.)

Please see the topic titled “Directions” if you need to know how to get to our venue.  Please make an appointment prior to your visit.

Locations to get Married

Please see the topic called “Ceremony locations”

Marriage License

Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg make it super easy for you to obtain a marriage license.  You may use the license you pick up from the clerk’s office immediately.   Your marriage license must be obtained from a courthouse in the state of Tennessee to be used at Honeysuckle Hills.   For information on the documents needed, court hours, and pricing:   

Military Discounts

Honeysuckle Hills is always pleased to offer a 10% military discount on the venue pricing in our packages and the photography.  Thank you for your service!  This discount is for either the bride or groom who has active or retired military status. 


We have a list of the finest available.  They have beautiful vows prepared in advance, or you can read your own vows entirely or in addition to what the officiant provides.  This is YOUR wedding, and we believe it should be conducted as you wish.  We have both religious and civil officiants on call.
You may use your own minister / officiant if you wish.  The fee of $125 will be removed from an all-inclusive package price, or will not be added if you are building your own package. 

Please do allow extra time for your ceremony if you are using a family member, pastor, or person you have known a long time.  They have a lot more to say during the service. 

Money Saving Tips

The biggest piece of advice we can give to save money is to keep your guest count SMALL.  This is not only true for your pocket-book, but also for your peace of mind. 

Larger guest counts require a larger venue to accommodate them, more time to accomplish the event, and more mouths to feed.  The best way to save money with food is to provide cake and drinks earlier in the day instead of a full meal.  Our resort town has countless options for your guests to enjoy dinner on their own later.  Eating at a nice restaurant such as the Alamo or the Park Grill is also a great money saving option for guest counts of 30 or less.  Most couples provide dessert and allow their guests to purchase the meal on their own. 

Budgets are always subjective.  What one bride feels is expensive is dirt cheap to another.  Regina loves her job… so there’s nothing to lose by inquiring and giving an up-front budget.  If Regina can’t help, she will refer you someone who can, as long as you can be realistic with your expectations.  You certainly don’t have to break the bank with your wedding.  Tell us what’s most important to you, and we will create the perfect wedding package.

Mountain Views

We have a spacious hill-top view of a mountain ridge located directly across from our wedding venue.  This does require a little walk up the hill to get to the reward… but it is definitely worth it when using our Honeysuckle Hills photographer. 

Weddings just for two are welcome to have their ceremony in this location as well.  However, it is not conducive to weddings with guests. 

Honeysuckle Hills is located in the valley of a chain of mountain ridges.  Our stone arch wedding location is the best choice for a ceremony with a tall hilltop ridge in view.

If you're adventurous, we have private property located three miles past Honeysuckle Hills that borders the National Park.  We call it "Beeler Mountain," and reserve its delicate forest atmosphere for our couples only weddings, or for couples who wish to extend their photography session past our venue's borders.


Please see the topic titled “Ministers.”


Honeysuckle Hills has an ample parking lot to the left of the barn that will accommodate enough cars for 100 guests.  Should this parking lot fill, we have another smaller area to park directly across from the barn.  We also have secret hiding locations for the couple’s vehicle if they wish to preserve their baby from the onslaught of shaving cream and cans on a string.  (among other hilarious antics…)


Please see “Deposits”


Chrissy and "Sassy," Regina's rescue squirrel (now fully independent)

Dogs and other pets are welcome at the Honeysuckle Hills wedding venue!  Bring your sweet fur-babies.  They are allowed both inside and outside, and certainly welcome to be a part of the ceremony. 


Brides who commission Regina typically want a more artistic approach

You are welcome to use the photographer of your choice at our wedding venue.  However, this is one subject we like to brag on a little… If you love the photographs you see on the Honeysuckle Hills website, they were all created by Regina, who has almost twenty years of full-time photography experience. 

Anything you think you know about photography, just forget.  Regina’s techniques are completely different, and therefore require just a little more time invested.  We recommend reserving at least 45 minutes to an hour for your bride and groom images, sometimes more depending on the art plan.  Add one more hour to include your ceremony and family images if you have a wedding with guests.  You are welcome to commission Regina for more time, but most couples reserve her strictly for the type of images others cannot capture with a camera alone. 

The cost is $750 per hour, and this includes the sales tax, your flash drive of all images after we complete editing, and a professional wedding album. 

Couples only wedding packages already include Regina’s photography in the pricing. 
Photography time must accompany an equal amount of venue time.  However, you do not have to reserve our photography for the entire time you’re with us.  For example, you may reserve three hours of venue time, but only one hour of Regina’s photography to capture the stunning wedding photographs of the two of you.

Regina does not allow other guests or photographers to follow along while photographing the bride and groom alone together.  It’s just too distracting… but she is happy to allow anyone to photograph along with her during the ceremony and family pictures.

Regina exclusively photographs brides and weddings at the Honeysuckle Hills wedding venue.  She does not travel.  Please consider Don Fields Photography for weddings at other venues or for families, babies, and high school seniors. Don is also an excellent choice for your wedding video!   865-774-7610.


We have a wedding package option to fit any couple’s needs.  We realize all couples are unique, and we are happy to simply reserve venue time or provide one of our all-inclusive wedding packages… along with somewhere in between.  There is absolutely nothing to be lost by inquiring with Regina.  She loves her job!  If she can’t help you, she will find someone who can in a trusted circle of wedding professionals.

Here are links to our most popular wedding packages, even a “build your own” list.  If you’d like a printable price guide, simply email, call or text Regina at or 865-368-5569.

If you’re a couples only elopement wedding, go here:

If you’re only inviting a few guests and don’t need a reception, go here:

If you’re somewhere between 15 and 50 guests and want all-inclusive with a low-key reception, go here:

If you’re 50 to 75 guests and want all-inclusive with reception, DJ, and a full celebration, go here:

If you have 100 guests and want all-inclusive with reception, DJ, and a full celebration, go here:

For the quick list price guide to build your own go here:


We have many props already in place for use such as chalk boards, signs (“pick a seat, not a side” is the most popular,) old window frames, burlap, tubs, white lights in the willow tree, and more!
It’s always a good idea to ask Regina if she already has a particular wedding decoration or prop before you buy it. 


We have three covered areas for use in inclement weather, set up and ready to go at all times. 

Our covered pavilion outdoors seats 100 guests.

Our reception hall accommodates 100 guests dinner theatre style. 

Our chapel in the heated / air conditioned area upstairs seats 50 guests.

The area beneath the chandelier downstairs is popular for couples only weddings.

If you hire our professional wedding photographer and it rains out your bride and groom images, you may reschedule another time, based on availability, for the same amount of time lost because of rain on your wedding day.  All other events will take place as scheduled for your wedding. 

For smaller weddings (two hours or less,) who can be flexible, we will work with you to plan around the rain and reschedule the wedding if possible at no charge.  Many times we have rescheduled a wedding for earlier in the day if rain is coming later (and vice versa.) 


Whether you reserve one of our all-inclusive weddings or choose your own food vendor, our downstairs area is perfect for your wedding reception.  It seats up to 100 guests.  We have twelve round tables that seat six each, and we have additional six foot long rectangular tables to add more seating to reach 100.

All tables have either white or chocolate brown linens, your choice.  We also have burlap table cloth runners, and log slices beneath seasonal vases of flowers.  If you prefer a different table linen color we can quote a fee to rent them or you can bring them on your own the day before and we will place them on the tables for you.  We will also exchange our centerpieces with your own if you drop them off the day before.

We have tables set up and ready for your food vendor to serve buffet style.

Your food vendor will provide plates, utensils, and napkins.  If you do not choose one of our all-inclusive options, please inquire with your caterer / food vendor to verify what they provide.

Our wedding reception area is tastefully decorated in a vintage, country chic style with antiques and white lights.

We provide some bottles of water for your guests in tubs of ice, and have additional tubs for use with any other drinks you would like to bring.  (Remember we can’t sell or serve alcohol for you, but by all means bring it yourselves and hire a bartender.)  If you’d like to bring extra cans or bottles of drinks and ice the day before, we’ll have them ready for you on wedding day.

We have a decorator for hire if you wish to have permanent items removed and a custom theme replacing it.  (Most brides use what we already have and love it.)  There is no charge for loose items dropped off the day before to be placed by our coordinator and ready to go on wedding day. (centerpieces, table candies, favors, etc.)

Please carefully consider the challenges of bringing your own food.  We do not have a kitchen or food prep area, and highly recommend reserving the day with us to have enough time to set up, serve, and clean up on your own.


A one hour rehearsal is included on a day before your wedding if you reserve the day with us or the “Country Charm” or “Perfect Wedding” package. 

Please do not fret or spend the extra money for a rehearsal if your wedding is smaller.  Our staff has over ten years of experience making our guests feel comfortable and guiding them every step of the way.  Our venue lay-out is also simple to understand and follow. 

You and your fiance will at the very least have a small tour and drop-off time the day before.  During this tour you will decide where you wish to be married, and drop off anything wedding related.  Those items will be ready to go in the appropriate areas when you arrive on wedding day.  We enjoy taking care of you!

Rehearsal Dinner

While the restaurants listed in the very next topic are wonderful places to gather the evening before your wedding, allow me share a local secret!  If you love waterfalls and the adventure of finding unique places, you MUST at the very least visit Friendly Falls while you're in town.  However, they're also an awesome alternative for rehearsal dinner.  Your kids will love the gem mine there, too!


I always enjoy sending our couples only weddings to The Peddler in Gatlinburg for their special honeymoon meal.  Located about fifteen to twenty minutes from Honeysuckle Hills on River Road, their steaks are mouth-watering delicious.  You’ll also enjoy the fresh salad bar, superior service, and romantic atmosphere along the river.

For our weddings with guests, we love both as well as  The Alamo is closer to Honeysuckle Hills, only ten minutes from us in Pigeon Forge.


The closest place to schedule your hair and make-up is, only ten minutes from us.  My favorite stylist is Hannah, but all the girls are excellent.

Another great location in the heart of town in the new "Island" is  It's a little further from us in the Margaritaville Hotel, but they have free valet parking.  My favorite stylist is Jennifer, but again their entire staff is wonderful.  You can also schedule couples massages here!

Sand Ceremony

Please bring your sand vases to your drop off or rehearsal, and we will place them on one of our tables at the ceremony location you choose.  It will be ready when you arrive on wedding day.

Especially beautiful for blending families together, this is a ceremony that contains one main, empty vase in the middle surrounded by smaller vases that are filled with sand of different colors.  The minister explains the symbolism of the blending sands as each of you pour your designated color in the middle vase.  You may then display it proudly in your home.

Seasonal Flowers

Please see the topic “Flowers and Gardens.”

Set up

Please see the topic called “Coordinator”

Honeysuckle Hills strives to have all areas set up and ready for your wedding when you arrive.


For the best chances of snow on your wedding day, schedule during the month of February.  There are also great discounts this time of year!

Be sure your vehicle is either front-wheel or four-wheel drive to reach our venue in this type of weather.

We can reschedule your wedding, based on availability, if you are unable to reach our venue in the event of heavy snow or an ice storm. 


Many couples ask us to be married at sunset.  We are very happy to provide your sunset wedding ceremony, but do keep in mind that after sunset comes dark, and we close at dark.  Photography with our beautiful scenery is impossible in the dark… so do be sure to schedule time for photography prior to sunset as well.

Our photographer can add a sunset to your wedding photograph.  Please inquire with Regina (or your own professional photographer) about this incredible option allowing you to have your cake and eat it, too.

Table cloths

We provide either white or chocolate brown linens for all tables.   We also have burlap table runners.
Should you wish to have another color, we can provide them for an additional rental fee.  You are also welcome to bring your own table cloths the day before and we will place them on the tables for you.


For your reception, we have twelve round tables that seat six guests each. (72 total)

We have additional six foot long rectangular tables to increase the seating to 100 guests.

Three six foot long tables are provided for the food vendors, along with a table for your bartender, a table for drinks, and various other tables that can be used for additional décor, wedding favors, gifts, etc.  We usually have enough tables for anything you bring, even at our ceremony locations to hold unity sand or memorials.  We even have easels to display larger photographs or signs.

There are two picnic tables outdoors in our spacious lawn.

There is a small fee to set up more than three rectangular tables with seating for a reception in the pavilion or lawn.  (Our round tables are not mobile.)


Please see “Hours of Operation” for times we are open and schedule events.

How long should you reserve with us?  This is dependent upon how many guests you have, if you have your own minister, if you’re doing a reception, and if you are hiring a professional photographer.

An hour is sufficient if you have less than 25 guests, and are not hiring a professional photographer or having a reception.  Please add another hour if you use a professional photographer or would like to add a small cake reception in this case.  Add yet another if your guest count is higher. (These are loosely given suggestions… Regina can provide more specific information by giving her more details.)

Three hours is the minimum recommended time for any wedding with reception and food items more than cake and drinks.

Four to five hours is an optimum time for weddings with guest counts of 50 or more with full-meal receptions and especially when hiring a DJ.

Please reserve the day with us for guest counts of 100.

Regina is happy to assist you with determining how long to reserve, so contact her any time.

Tux Rental

Jeff and his staff at Fantasy Bridal offer same day wedding dress and tuxedo rentals.  Simply walk in and walk out with your selection.  They keep everything in stock for your special day.

Visit their website at or give them a call at 800-295-5602.

Unity Cross

This another unique way to celebrate the joining of the bride and groom as one.   A sculpture of a cross in different pieces is assembled during the ceremony with assistance of the pastor, representing joining the two as one with Christ as the center of the marriage.
These crosses can be found on Etsy, Amazon, and even at David’s Bridal stores.


Honeysuckle Hills has excellent resources for your wedding needs.  You are also allowed to use all the vendors of your choice.

Here’s the list of the ones who have spent years building a strong bride-pleasing reputation:  (Delicious reception, more variety than barbecue, 50 person minimum)   (You need this extra sound and fun for weddings of 50 or more)  (Gorgeous flowers, super sweet staff, and delivery)  (Buy your own liquor, they'll serve it)

Venue Only Rental

We are happy to simply rent our venue by the hour, allowing you to choose all the other vendors on your own.  All our ceremony areas and reception hall are still decorated, set-up, and ready to go.  We’ll  direct your wedding for you, or step aside if you’ve hired a separate wedding coordinator.
Here’s the link you need for pricing and more details:


This is one of the most recommended additions I can suggest for your destination wedding in Pigeon Forge and the Smoky Mountains.  

Photographs are definitely a wedding treasure, but watching events unfold in a creative movie with music is something you will cherish just as much, if not more.

Contact to schedule your own wedding video. 

We do welcome family members to video your wedding as well.  However, unless you merely want a generic documentation of your ceremony, Don Fields and his family are the better choice.  You won’t regret spending the extra money for it… EVER.  (Regina’s own wedding video is on her phone to view any time she wishes.)


Like anything else in life, the “in-person” touch is always better.  Musical recordings move the heart, but a live violinist moves the soul.    

We have access to one of the best violinists in the southeast, who has played all over the world including Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.

Mark Lewis, violinist, is also a pastor.  Based on availability, pastor Lewis can be commissioned to play violin for your wedding, and he can also conduct your ceremony, sign, and file your wedding license.

Ask Regina for pricing and availability.

Vow Renewals

Celebrate those many of years of marriage!  Any of our wedding packages or build-your-own pricing can apply to a vow renewal or anniversary celebration.  You can do a couple’s only elopement package, an all-inclusive full celebration with guests, or build your own.  The only difference is the wording our minister (or yours) uses during the ceremony.  No marriage license is required since you are already married.

Waterfall Weddings

If you’re searching for a place to be married near the water, we are an excellent choice.  A mountain stream flows right through our wedding venue, winding around creating scenes everyone will enjoy, including your photographer.  This creek has flowing water year-round, regardless of how much rainfall we receive. 

We created a quaint pond enjoyed by mountain salamanders and minnows, supplied by a little waterfall from a pump that recirculates the creek water.  This is a very popular ceremony location for our elopements. 

If you’re adventurous, we have private property bordering the National Park at our home three miles from Honeysuckle Hills.  A small hike will take you to a true mountain stream and small waterfalls like you would see hiking on many local trails.  These waterfalls are fullest during the winter months all the way through late spring.  Please ask Regina about the “Beeler Mountain” wedding location.

Wedding Party

There is no limit to the number of bridesmaids, groomsmen, flowergirls, etc. you are allowed to have at Honeysuckle Hills.   Higher numbers may require you to have your ceremony location in one place over another, however.  We want to make sure there is room for everyone to stand during your ceremony.

Should your bridal party be a little larger than most, you may have to pay just a little extra for more bouquets if you choose one of our all-inclusive wedding packages.   Our flower credit is based on an average number of attendants. (Three on each side.)


A country wedding has its tiny challenges… we have limited wifi provided by satellite.  Please do not count on our wifi to be strong enough or reliable enough to provide streaming music, Facetime, or Skype.  This is true for many wedding venues in our area.