Friday, January 08, 2010

Kati and Jarrod were married on November 28th. Most of the leaves have now fallen from the trees, but there is still a hint of warm weather and ample opportunities for wedding photography at Honeysuckle Hills! It should be noted that we may only allow experienced horseback riders to be photographed on our horses. Kati feels right at home on horseback, and we were able to herd some of my sister's quarter horses toward the background. Add a romantic moon in the background, and that makes a wedding photograph to cherish for a lifetime!

The patterns in the trees fascinate me this time of year. I think it only adds to the design of a wedding image.

Yes, here we are on a Honeysuckle Hills four-wheeler again! It seems to be a favorite this year. We brought out a leaf blower for Kati's hair, and it made quite a dymanic wedding image for them!
A most unique couple provided the music for Melissa and Chris' wedding. They call themselves "Meg and Dredd." Not only do they provide a DJ service, but they also write and compose their own music. It has somewhat of a haunting melody, and Megan's voice keeps you hanging on every word. They are extremely talented and I would recommend them to anyone who needs music, live or a DJ service.

To book Meg and Dredd for your own wedding, you may contact them at

You may remember Melissa and Chris' engagement photographs from earlier in the blog. Their tattoos are a big part of their life, and we made sure to showcase that in their images. November 7th is time for the wedding... still some beautiful fall color hanging on, and definitely some romance still in the air!

The hay has already been taken to the field for the horses, and so I had to make sure we did a wedding photograph with it! Hay means fun. Flirting. What a great time to get married in the Smoky Mountains on a horse farm!

On occasion, we photograph weddings at other locations such as Greenbrier river in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Courtney and John were married there on October 31st. (Yes, Halloween!) Some brides steered clear of that wedding date, but's peak leaf color! They were certainly blessed with some beautiful wedding photographs, despite a few raindrops falling during the ceremony.

Courtney's Signature Art Piece included a photograph of her late mother. John asked for her hand in marriage just before her mother passed away.

Jenny and Jared were married on October 30th, probably the absolute peak for the leaf color in the Smoky Mountains. I had the luxury of talking with Jenny's mother at length prior to their outdoor wedding, and this helped me create more personalized wedding photographs for them.

The flower girl simply couldn't let go of our little kitten, Cally. She literally carried her around the entire day, including during the wedding ceremony!

The Signature Art Piece created for Jenny and Jared is very significant for them. Jenny is a recovered drug addict. Jared was placed to the right, to encourage Jenny to make positive changes in her life. Often times drug addicts will be reluctant to do so, despite the assistance offered by their parents. The cross is located closest to her father, because he had a near-death experience on their farm with a four wheeler accident.
This wedding was probably the most emotionally moving of the entire year for me.

Tammy and Dan were married at Honeysuckle Hills on October 24th, during the peak leaf color. Even though her guest count was small and her reception was held off-site, she scheduled three hours for wedding photography. This gave us enough time to include family, photographs with our horses, and photographs in multiple locations on the farm.

Tammy and I both love the moon. I photographed the locket she was wearing and incorporated it in one of her photographs. To my delight, she left me with a gift: a beautiful half moon pendant! Thanks again, Tammy!