Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Matt and Devon were married at Honeysuckle Hills two years ago on February 10th, 2007. If you look at "wedding stories" on our website, Matt is the fireman. The couple decided to take another trip to Pigeon Forge for some romantic photography, and I think we had even more fun this go around!

This is one of my favorite images that we did all day. Devon has a "model" look, and she presents herself very well to the camera! Even though there's nothing growing in our gardens this time of year, our bridge and grasses still photograph well. And, of course, the horses always add something special to the photographs!

Michelle and Troy were married at Honeysuckle Hills back in the summer for an outdoor wedding when the flowers were blooming and the trees were green. They came back this Valentine's Day even more in love, and are expecting their first child together!

This portrait was done in the newly expanded reception area. We can now accommodate up to 100 people downstairs in the barn, and the floor extends all the way to the horse stables. Our contractor, Ian Littlefield, (from Portsmouth, England!) also cut a cute little window in that side of the barn. It's yet another photographic prop, and will no doubt be used frequently for 2009 weddings!
Valentine's Day was spent at my favorite fund raiser of the year, Cure Finders, "A Special Evening, A Special Cause," at the Music Road Hotel in Pigeon Forge. My mother came with us this year and it was truly a great time!

Valentine's Day is for kissing! It's also for raising money for a good cause, finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Every year we attend the news just keeps getting better and better! It's close to being declared a "maintenance" disease instead of a "fatal" one. Cheers!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lauren and Levi visited for their engagement photography this past Saturday, and we wandered all over the farm trying new things. Levi is the quieter of the two, so I thought a photograph with him as a secondary feature would be nice, especially since Lauren has such beautiful eyes.

We also experimented with some art work in their engagement portraits. It should be noted that the portrait in blue was done along our creek bank, but the water was enhanced, making it look more like a lake. This image is more modern, and will go well in their wedding album when they're photographed later with Levi's motorcycle.

Our horses are popular year round for engagement or wedding photography. Buck is a sweet, laid-back horse, and was very content to graze nearby during the session. This image has some artwork overlay as well, giving it an autumn look.

Heather and Tim are by far the most expressive couple to visit Honeysuckle Hills yet. They came for their engagement photography on a brisk winter day, but the air wasn't cold for long! We laughed so hard it was easy to keep warm.

Tim looks proud of the lipstick on his face, doesn't he? He should! Heather loves him dearly.

Every time I turned around, one of them was making a face or flirting with the other one. They'll be back for a beautiful outdoor wedding in May in the Great Smoky Mountains. I have no doubt we'll have even more fun then!