Friday, April 23, 2010

Terri and David planned their visit to the Smoky Mountains months in advance for an intimate outdoor spring wedding just for them, their boys, and her best friend, Anna. Never mind the shinanigans in town for the Grand Spring Rod Run! They tucked themselves quietly away at Parkside Resort, only minutes from Honeysuckle Hills and our Little Red Barn.

Because family was important to them, we made sure to do a family portrait, country style. Brad encouraged our visiting stud horse, Thunder, to high step it a bit in the background, putting the finishing touches on a beautiful image.
I'd been eyeing a field of dandelions just up the road for days, so I talked Terri and David into a mini-adventure up that way. I'm so glad they were open to the idea!

Terri's Signature Art Print was inspired by her nickname, "Camo Queen." We did one other version with camouflage on her face and skin, but I decided to post this one because it was such a shame hiding all that beauty...
Crystal and Shane were married on April 17th on a beautiful spring day. I especially loved the look on her face during the ceremony, because it seemed as if she had waited all her life for that moment, multiplied by the dreams she had for their future.
Crystal was fun-loving and high spirited, so we did a cute, flirty image on the lawn with our little red barn in the background.
Their Signature Art Portrait involved Shane's tattoos. Crystal has her share as well, but particularly liked her husbands. I pulled them close together, and put a main focus on his tattoo of Jesus and the cross.

Engagement sessions are always fun here, but especially when you add our two beagles, Shiloh and Shorty. Courtney will be married at Honeysuckle Hills on May 1st. She has a love for the outdoors, horses, and all kinds of animals.
I especially love Courtney's new job at the Titanic exhibit in Pigeon Forge! The survivor stories of the Titanic have always fascinated me, and I look forward to seeing Courtney's smiling face when I finally get a chance to visit Pigeon Forge's newest attraction.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I've been looking forward to Jennie and TJ's wedding all year... Like many savvy brides, Jennie reserved her wedding date a year in advance. (We turned April 10th, 2009 down several times after that!)

Our horses find themselves in the background of many wedding photographs here on the farm. They add such serenity to an already soft spring landscape!

Jennie has a degree in forestry, so we were sure to do a portrait for her in our enchanted forest. We posed her and TJ to reflect their romantic attitude for each other. A bit of artwork later revealed a stunning wedding image!
Outdoor spring weddings on our farm have never looked so good than this year! Among the many flowers now in bloom are our weeping crabapple, trilliums, rue anemones, redbud, dogwoods, and more! (Not to mention the tame flowers Brad and I are constantly adding to the mix...)

Zana and Kim were married on April 9th outdoors among our blooming cherry trees. As it turns out, many of the guests knew my late father, so it was wonderful to see them again!

Candice was one of Zana's wedding guests. We did a mini high school senior photography session for her since she was all dressed up. I would have loved to travel eight hours away to her home in North Carolina, but our season is already booked solid this year. Candice loves horses as much as we do.

Candice is pretty as a picture sitting perched upon our bridge! She strikes a lovely pose, as does her sister! They both took direction so well during their photography session.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Bunnies and daffodils! You just can't have a spring portrait without either one! Gracie and Holly are the perfect models for our little flop-eared friends.

Shhh.... don't tell anyone! This place isn't like stuffy old commercial studios. It's fun!
Vicky and Stephen were married on March 12th during a lucky spring rain. Our chapel upstairs provided a nice backdrop for the wedding, and we followed with family portraits indoors.

We scheduled another session for a few days later to take advantage of the great outdoors. It's what we call our "rain check." If it completely rains out the outdoor wedding photography, we'll schedule another day free of charge.

There were lots of children at this wedding, and lots of love being passed around!

Vicky was a beautiful bride with graceful movements and poise! She looks so happy while enjoying a moment alongside our creek.