Thursday, May 29, 2008

I've never laughed harder at a wedding than at Jessica and Kevin's! Kevin decided to share their wedding punch with our horse, Gambler. Perhaps his fans at Dixie Stampede snuck delicous drinks to him when he was gainfully employed there. Nonetheless, it's certainly clear he has a sweet tooth!

Jessica and Kevin also look fabulous in our mountain ridge scene. Her dress was gorgeous and the train gave some dynamic appeal to her images.

At Kristen and David's wedding I was touched the most by Kristen's relationship with her father. The phrase "Daddy's Girl" could never be more true for them. I asked the same question I always do when it's time to walk down the aisle; "are you ready?" He replied, "no, I'd just as soon she'd stay at home."

His love for Kristen made tears come to my eyes often. Of course he experienced joy on his daughter's wedding day, but I think he also felt a certain amount of sorrow at giving her away.

Kristen and David were married at the Almost Heaven Resort in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
I enjoy photographing traditional church weddings in our area because it gives me the opportunity to experience some beautiful architecture. Tracey and Josh are members of Roaring Fork Baptist Church in Gatlinburg, TN, which is located right alongside the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. The church was the perfect setting for their wedding, and provided some outstanding backgrounds!

Notice the "T" and "J" on the door of the church in flowers?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The second annual Boyd's Creek Elementary School 8th Grade Prom was held at our farm again this year with great success! I was impressed once again with the manners and respect bestowed by these students. We hosted their very first prom last year at my daughter's request, because she was in the 8th grade graduating class.

As always, I like to see the latest trends in hair styles, make-up, and prom attire. One young lady informed she WON her prom dress, and it was absolutely stunning. The hair styles of some of the young men caught my eye as much as the lady's. They were stylish, yet masculine, and very photographic!

I had the most fun photographing each of the couples. Our flowers at the arbor were in full bloom, and made a great background for the colorful dresses & ties.

I hope to see the next batch of 8th graders next year, though it will be hard to beat this group!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I had a chance to do a personal photography project a few days ago with my sister, Elaine, who loves to barrel race as much as her horse, Honey. After a few rounds in the field I was able to get just the right image. I love the old west, and I think this photograph has that appeal to it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

There's no other time in your life you will be as radiant and beautiful as when in your wedding gown. The bridal portrait is quickly becoming an important part of the wedding photography. Most brides choose to have their bridal session before the wedding, as it gives them a chance to experiment with their hair and make-up, and they are much more relaxed without a crowd of on-lookers.

Michelle has the most breath-taking eyes I have ever seen, and has a natural glow about her. We did both indoor and outdoor photograhy during her bridal session.

The engagement session sometimes happens after the wedding! If you've been keeping up with our blog, you'll remember that Jessica and Eric were married a few weeks ago. As most brides know, the planning before the wedding can consume tremendous amounts of time. Not to worry! There's absolutely nothing wrong with doing your engagement photography session later.

Weddings aren't the only subjects we photograph at Honeysuckle Hills. We still photograph a variety of high school seniors throughout the year.

This session began at Honeysuckle Hills and ended at this young lady's home. An old family car and the perfect red wall provided fabulous scenes.

Blended families are increasingly becoming the norm in today's society. Karen and Teddy are going about the "blending" process in the best possible way; including them in the wedding from start to finish. They brought their two beautiful children for their engagement session, and allowed them to play in the creek after the family portrait while we did more "cuddly" photography.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

At Kerri & Gary's wedding I had as much fun photographing the children as I did the bride and groom! The two decided to change clothes at the end for a few informal portraits. Our field of yellow flowers is still producing one of the most beautiful backgrounds for our couples, especially against our red barn.

Renee' and Jeff were sweethearts from the tender age of seven, but life experiences for both of them kept them apart for some time. Fortunately, love finds a way, and here they are today...happily married!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Heather and Dexter escaped the chill of North Pole, Alaska to have their wedding beneath our warm, spring sunshine. They are both stationed in Alaska as pilots in the military. It was quite an honor to have them as guests!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Adrian and Mike have the most interesting story I've ever heard for how they met. During Jujitsu class, Mike accidentally broke Adrian's foot. Therefore, he carried her things for two weeks, during which time they naturally fell in love!

For part of their engagement session, we did some creative images with their kali sticks.

Leslie and Bryan opted for a romantic ceremony beneath the sound of raindrops falling on the tin roof of our picnic pavilion. The rain did let up long enough for us to complete our session afterwards. I loved Leslie's curly hair and incredible smile!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Jessica and Eric are very much in love, as anyone can see in their wedding photographs.

There was also great merriment at their wedding! Someone actually snuck into their trunk for the departure...

Sharon and Tim pulled their bass boat all the way from their home in Maryland, so it seemed only fair that we do their engagement session at the lake.

It threatened rain the entire day on Saturday, but we all made it through the wedding without feeling a single drop!