Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Best Tennessee Wedding Package Yet

Honeysuckle Hills

Country Style Chic Wedding with Reception for 30 to 50 guests

Let's get straight to the highlights!

  • Tour and drop off time for wedding items the day before the wedding
  • Four hours of reservation time on wedding day for ceremony & activities
  • Guests may enter one hour prior to reservation start time 
  • Private venue time begins one hour prior to reservation time (no uninvited guests)
  • Bride, groom, and wedding party may have access to dressing rooms any time after 9am
  • Choice of ceremony location, with back-up plan for rain, including seating
  • Wedding Officiant to perform ceremony and file license (Deduct $125 if you have your own)
  • Ceremony director (to seat guests, arrange and direct the wedding party, work with you to create the itinerary, and coordinate with vendors,)
  • Buffet meal provided by the famous Chef Tony for 50 (your choice of menu and non-alcoholic drinks) 
  • Guest counts under 50 will receive upgrades or appetizers, and any leftovers packed up to take home
  • Wedding cake to serve up to 50 (your choice of design and flavors by Chef Tony as well)
  • Seating, tables, and linens (choice of white, chocolate brown or black)
  • A $350 credit at From the Heart Florist (can be removed if you prefer to bring your own flowers, otherwise they'll work with you and deliver your bouquets on wedding day)
  • DJ service by Scott Goebel, playing from ceremony until end time

By Choosing the package with our wedding photography you will also receive:

  • Three hours of our creative photography 
  • Flash drive of all wedding images and a $300 product credit toward prints, canvases, or professional wedding albums

$7200 Wed thru Fri with photography
$5100 Wed thru Fri without photography

$7800 Saturdays with photography
$5600 Saturdays without photography

More brides than ever before are opting for weddings with smaller guest counts.

Just because there are fewer guests, there is no reason to skip out on all the things that make a wedding a celebration to remember.  

The wedding meal is one of the most important wedding choices, next to beautiful photography.  Chef Tony has been our caterer of choice for several years.  Many couples have told us they would only book their wedding at Honeysuckle Hills if Chef Tony was guaranteed as their caterer!

This package is a cross between our "Country Style" and "Country Charm" packages.  

For the full wedding price list, Email Regina