Friday, February 07, 2014

A Summer wedding in the Smokies (Red Barn Theme)

This post will have plenty of wedding photographs to make your imagination sparkle like the lights that dance in a bride's blue eyes!

On July 27th, 2013, a team of women descended upon our Little Red Barn.  Some of them were professional decorators with years of experience creating a wedding celebration to remember.  I will never forget the reds and blues incorporated in their summer theme, because they went perfectly with the flowers in bloom on our farm!  They brought everything from burlap roses to a couch made from hay bales... a saddle on a stand for the kids... and even a nice little white tent for a little added shade.

The key to this grand scheme is making sure the entire day is reserved with us at Honeysuckle Hills.  Access is available from 8:00am until dark, giving plenty of time to bring any extra decor and props that we don't already have.  Our own decorator actually worked out a deal to keep many of the decorations you see in these photographs (which is common with weddings on this scale.)

This wedding is also the very reason we will now have some round tables for your reception in 2014... Kendra's mother brought in round tables of their own for this particular wedding in 2013.  Leslie fell in love with them... and what Leslie wants, Leslie gets.  (Hurray for all you 2014 brides!)  Uncle Bill is putting them all together even as I write... (and probably worried about what us women will beg him for next!)

The day prior to the rehearsal, I talked with Kendra and Brad to find out a little about them.  Get this... he thought she was not redneck enough to suit him... maybe a little too "prissy." I think by the time you see their wedding photographs with the big truck you'll figure out, as Brad did, that ain't the case!

This entire family was the most courteous, southern hospitality oriented, kick back and have fun bunch of people we've ever met.  Well... actually that's usually the kind of folks we get out here ALL the time, but we particularly want to stress that point about the McConnells and Sturgills!  FINE bunch of country people.  That's what we love about weddings at Honeysuckle Hills!

If you're planning a summer wedding, it's never too late to get started.  Remember we book well in advance... but if you're running a little behind then a little flexibility with the wedding date helps.  We'll work with you if you can work with us.  It's in our heart to make certain your wedding is as beautiful as Kendra and Brad's, if not more so!  We'll make it special for just the two of you, or if you have all 100 like the McConnell / Sturgill shindig!