Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nikki and Adam spent the day with us at Honeysuckle Hills on June 5th. The day was filled with family, friends, and a wedding officiated by a dear friend in their family. Their minister used the same set of vows as he did from his very first wedding. Though the paper is now torn and tattered, the words and meaning are still just as sacred.

Weddings just for two are our favorites at Honeysuckle Hills, and the Great Smoky Mountains is the perfect honeymoon hideaway. Hilary and Stark snuck away to be wed outdoors on our farm, and because it was just the two of them we were able to do many more creative images than a larger wedding allows. The most interesting thing I discovered about this couple is that the bride has a tattoo of a honeysuckle on her leg. Now how cool is that!

Natalie and Seth drove their Harley Davidson motorcycles with a motley crue all the way from New Orleans! I don't think I've had that much fun with a group in a long time... They were all open to our suggestions and most willing to model for the Honeysuckle Hills wedding camera!

One of Natalie's wall portraits reflected her passion for the Harley and for Seth. The other Signature Portrait was printed on metal and is now displayed in her curio cabinet with other Harley Davidson memorabilia. The next time Brad and I are in New Orleans we plan on looking them up!
Memorial Day Weekend is when Ashley and Tyler decided to tie the knot. I thought it appropriate considering his own military status.

Ashley let us know that she enjoyed sepia tones and antique looks, so that was the direction we took with the photography. Their Signature Art Print has an "All American" feel, with a little old-fashioned romance and one of our Honeysuckle Hills horses to add a little more dynamics.
May is also a great time of year for children's outdoor spring portraits! It's an adventure at Honeysuckle Hills, and the kids never seem to want to leave. When it's time for their next session, it's better than asking them if they want to go to Dollywood!

What child doesn't like dipping their toes in the creek?
Whitney and Corey love four-wheelers, but she had such a beautiful, delicate appeal I included some more romantic images in their Signature Art Print. They were married outdoors on May 22nd at Honeysuckle Hills during the best part of spring here.

I couldn't help but create an autumn look with their wedding image alongside our creek. It's one of our brides' favorites, and nine times out of ten ends up on their wall.
Trash the Dress is still ever popular at Honeysuckle Hills, especially now that the weather is nice. The first question we're always asked is, "Did they REALLY wear their own wedding dress?!" Yes, and no. Sometimes brides are not as sentimental and did not spend as much on their gown, so they are more than willing to jump feet first into art. Others want the fun, but choose to use a consignment dress instead.

Brad helped us create a little "rain" for Jennie's Trash the Dress session.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Robin and Ray are set to be married during the joy and splendor the autumn leaves here in the Smoky Mountains. If their engagement photographs are any indication of what's to come for the wedding photographs, I just know we're going to capture some emotional photojournalism!

They met at their workplace, Denso Manufacturing, in Maryville, Tennessee. I have no doubt it was love at first sight.

I don't know if we had more fun with Amy and Michael during their wedding on May 15th or their engagement session the following Monday... It's definitely a close call!

During one of Amy's visits to our gallery, she admired a portrait of a bride and groom with clouds in the background. It made her smile so much that we had to create one for her, too.