Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Wedding with Horses in the Pigeon Forge Smoky Mountains

Do you love horses?  Are you getting married?

Are you looking for a unique wedding experience?

Are the wedding photographs important enough that you're willing to invest in art?

Honeysuckle Hills in the Smoky Mountains of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is the best place to get married if you answered yes to any of these questions.  

If you love horses as much as I do, you'll appreciate that Sugar and Ben are both rescue animals, with a forever home that has purpose.  Neither are trail horses, stuck with the mundane life of walking in circles all day long.  Ben has a bowed tendon, causing him to be unwanted by horseback riders.  Sugar doesn't care for anyone to be on her back at all since she spent her first few years alone in a field without company.  (Horses are herding animals and prefer to have friends just like us.)  They have each learned how to run where we tell them, and Sugar particularly enjoys following you around and kissing you on the cheek.

Your wedding photographs with our horses will be extraordinary... I've dedicated my entire life to the art of photography as a full-time career, and Sugar and Ben are my favorite props.  I know you may have another photographer you love and want to use, and that's all right as long as you're on the other side of their fence.  But if you want to be up close and personal with our horses, you'll need me as your photographer who has the liability insurance and the routine my babies are used to following.

If you're a long-time horse rider with hundreds of miles logged on trails, you may think that if it's not your own horses in the wedding pictures then it's not personal enough.  I understand that.  So, if you're only within a few hours of Pigeon Forge just bring your horses with you.  We have plenty of room for the horse trailer to park and turn around, and my sister's barn is just up the hill where you can board if necessary.

If you're like some of our other brides coming from Texas, Oklahoma, or you're simply just "not from this neck of the woods," then we can still create that rustic horse stable experience for you, even without our horses in the pictures.  Saddles, ropes, and other props can be used to bring together the wedding theme you're going for.

I hear from many of our brides who rode horses as a child, or at this stage in their life just can't ride like they used to because of health issues.  Maybe you reluctantly had to sell your best mare or gelding, and it left a deep hole in your heart.  Sugar and Ben can help heal that sense of loss, and on one of the most blessed days of your life!

Even if you're "on the fence" about whether you even like horses or not, I can't express accurately enough how much joy our horses bring to our wedding guests by just walking up to greet everyone.  The little children squeal with laughter at the first time they feel Sugar's lips tickle their open palm to feed them a treat.

How much does a wedding at Honeysuckle Hills cost?  You can't afford not to book your wedding with us if horses and photography mean this much to you.  Don't be stuck with regrets later.  If you love who you're marrying, and if this relationship is important to you, then we promise you won't regret your investment with us.

  • Weddings just for two or up to 100
  • More than one ceremony location with back-up plans for rain
  • Dressing rooms
  • Seating, tables, and linens
  • Spacious, private venue with landscaping, flowers, creek, and more
  • Wedding planning services and coordinator included
  • The best vendors in the Southeast prefer working at our venue

Our wedding planning services are always complimentary, so email me today.  I'm Regina, owner and founder of Honeysuckle Hills, and you're important to me.  Tell me today how much you love horses, and how Sugar, Ben, and myself can make your wedding dream a reality!

Saturday, May 06, 2017

How to Find a Waterfall to Get Married By in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg

Searching for a waterfall to get married next to in the Smoky Mountain National Park?  There is basically only one way to get to a waterfall in the mountains, and that's by foot.  And your footsteps will be many, my friend, because the best and largest waterfalls are deep in the forest.  They are also on government property, which requires a permit for a specific time at a specific place, and does not prohibit other tourists from crashing the wedding.

If you are a free-spirited couple with a zest for adventures, you probably weren't deterred by anything I just mentioned.  (I love your energy!)  But... what if I told you that your wedding adventure could be even more exciting?  Wouldn't it be better to discover a less traveled path in the mountains to start your journey in life together?  One untouched by the millions of tourists that visit the Smoky Mountains every year?

There's a better way to have a wedding by a waterfall.  It may not be one like Rainbow Falls or Grotto Falls, but it can be close.  It can be private.  It can have the most touching memories and photographs to remember them by, too.

Let's start with the most adventurous location, Beeler Mountain.

This location is for the couple who wants to either get married or have wedding photographs in a private area in the Smoky Mountains.  My back yard happens to join the boundary of the Smoky Mountain National Park.  It's been in my family for 200 years... and once spread across 300 acres.  Eventually the government took back what it originally gave, and we're down to about 16 acres of land now.  Those precious few acres that are left explode with beauty everywhere...

In case you're wondering where the name "Beeler Mountain" came from, it happened when I married my sweetheart last October beneath a tall walnut tree in my back yard.  While I retain my maiden name to preserve the family history (kind of like what Dolly Parton did when she married Carl...) I married a man named David Beeler.  Since he hunted these woods with my Daddy when he was still alive, I decided to honor him by naming the mountain in my back yard after him.

Early spring through about mid-June is the best time of year to experience fuller waterfalls here.  In late summer and fall, it's still beautiful but the water flow is less.  (As it is with most waterfalls in the mountains)

Not all wedding waterfall photographers gear up like I do... but I have a whole lot more fun!

The second waterfall location is at our country garden wedding venue, Honeysuckle Hills.  

Many of our couples still want the opportunities there for guests, receptions, and more back-up plans if it rains.  The waterfall here runs year-round, too!

I can help you book the perfect wedding next to a waterfall.  Email me today and we'll explore all your options for your wedding here in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

The personal attention I can give you, along with the absolute best, most creative photography will leave you with no regrets.  If you're marrying the man or woman of your dreams, even if it's not the first time you've been married... I know it's most important commitment you're making in your life. For this marriage, invest in the wedding experience.   I don't mean the "fluff," I mean the quiet kind of atmosphere that allows you to enjoy saying your vows, and enjoy re-living the wedding when looking at the photographs later.

To book either of these waterfall weddings, call me at 866-572-7724.

Can't wait to hear your love story!